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JustSystem is "ATOK for iOSWe released the. The installed engine is ATOK equivalent high performance ATOK for Windows · Mac "ATOK EV Engine", iOS 8 will be able to use Japanese input only by ATOK. In addition to being equipped with popular support functions for ATOK for Windows and Mac, interface is designed for iOS terminal. The price is 1500 yen, and it does not correspond to "ATOK Passport" of flat rate system for now.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

What is micro pornography rampant with Vine or Instagram of micro video application? - GIGAZINE

"Robodanbo" to steer with a wireless controller is cute as well - GIGAZINE

The world's smallest car that can travel at 40 km / h when updating Guinness records - GIGAZINE

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LINE Creator's stamp review does not pass, so I went to LINE's head office and asked directly - Livedoor News
There is a punch line on the third page.

Dengeki - 10th anniversary commemoration of "Ho, Hoor, Hoa !! Ho !!" I heard the truth of those days to the producer that I invented [Anniversary serial series]

【Video】 Today's Miyaneya, Hyogo prefecture lawmakers suspected of spending money escape from the press with full effort www Controversies as topics

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Eyelash Fusafu? First medicine in Japan Domestic glaucoma treatment "side effects": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Product name is "Glash Vista". In March this year, as Japan's first treatment for eyelash hypoalphala, I received manufacture and market approval from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The ingredients, along with eye drops of glaucoma, are applied once a day to the hairline of the upper eyelashes before going to bed. It is expected that it will be sold for 10 days to several ten thousand yen for 70 days although it varies depending on each medical institution for free medical treatment.

30 years from 'New Romanser'. Cyber ​​Punk has anticipated reality «WIRED.jp

William Gibson caught it early, although there were signs already in 1984 when the development of large cities, roles of multinational companies, computer networks, bionics - were published.

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Major shareholder Softbank's unrealized profit topped 8 trillion yen at a time, the world's undetectable game begins in NY listing China Alibaba: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Akira Ikegami criticizes the weekly magazine, a newspaper running in the morning sun! Confession of refusal to post on another paper too! | Rediscover the knowledge of LITERA / Litera books and magazines

Municipality collapse: Futtsu city fear of collapse in FY 2006 Chiba - Mainichi Newspaper

Fraudulent receiving employment subsidies, 19.1 billion closed in 5 years and false applications: Asahi Shimbun Digital

People photographing without permission in the train, 400 pieces of scattering Osaka: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"After gymnastics accident" 20 aftereffects in accident NHK News

【Editorial Diary】 "Good feeling" newspaper is not good? - MSN Sankei News

Current affairs dot com: offering LDP and whale dishes

The Japanese LDP started offering whale cuisine at the cafeteria of the party headquarters on July 19, as a campaign against whaling nations in Japan, such as a resolution aimed at procrastinating whaling procurement at the International Whaling Commission (IWC). In the idea of ​​Mr. Toshihiro Futoshi 2nd floor president of Wakayama Prefecture election, who is deeply involved in whaling, there are aims to protect the food culture of Japan by party.

"Compulsion of Christian calendar, Diploma in Christian era is unconstitutional" Son in parents sued by Shiga - MSN Sankei News

7 Evora Heat Prevention Measures Team, 1 Murdered Guinea Photo International News: AFPBB News

It seems strange for Japanese people, but there are various complicated circumstances: 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

Painful news (No ∀ `): Neat Co., bankruptcy is coming soon? "The ability of Neat is too low, even if you accept a job of a business company, it fails" - Livedoor blog

Liberal Democratic Party: Committee 'Comfort women, seeking the correct claim by the prime minister' Resolution - Mainichi Newspapers

Customers: Forbidden without regard to industry Type Osaka · Kita and Minami - Mainichi Newspaper

Current affairs dot com: Syria dyed black - Actual situation of "Muslim country" controlled land

Nikkan Gendai | Disguised as a false alarm ... a great miscalculation of the Yomiuri Shimbun "Asahi Hitting Campaign"

When I sign up for the Yomiuri Shimbun's "Yomiuri Sushi Newspaper" (1 week free), it is about the campaign of giving the Chukyo Publisher's Rakule "Thorough Verification Asahi" comfort women "report released on the 30th of this month. Yomiuri is strengthening the selling offensive by multiplying the morning news issue of the morning sun, but at the workplace the cold view of 'counter effect' is expanding.

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"Edo Shigusa's Identity" in Letterparts - "Compromise" of Japanese Compulsory Education Feeling from a Single Photo | Frontline - Fiction · Comics · Web Entertainment

Farewell deficit constitution Debit card to change with household management: Money & amp; Investment: Column: Money: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Osaka Prefectural High School: "Open Library" 20% ... Abolishment of full-time librarian with behavioral leaders Mainichi Newspapers

In Kagawa, Tottori, Shimane and other 14 prefectures, the allocation rate has reached 100%, while 9 prefectures including Hiroshima (3.3%) and Iwate (6.2%) are less than 50%, variation among local governments is conspicuous ing. Osaka prefecture accounted for 43.2%, a declining tendency remarkably compared with 95.4% in FY 2008.

I made Spanish bar's classic cuisine "Ahijyo" with various items - everyone's rice

Is there hope for Lehman shock generation · Rosgen generations / Yoshiko Kondo / Labor economics | SYNODOS - Synodos -

Roughly summarize what you know about empirical studies that have been done so far, including the contents introduced in the above papers, you can roughly summarize the generation that the unemployment rate of the year before graduating school (that is, the year of job hunting) was high ,

(1) The average annual income is lower than other generations. The difference remains even after the economic recovery [* 4].
(2) Since it tends to become non-regular employment for a long time after leaving the position of regular employment at the time of new graduates [5], the non-regular employment ratio of that generation will remain high for a long time.
(3) Even those who are full-time employees, the number of people who can not get jobs that match hope increases, so the number of people who quit their jobs later increases.
(4) Looking at the academic record by educational background, the influence is greater and sustained by high school graduates than college graduates. This is a phenomenon peculiar to Japan, and in the empirical studies in Europe and the United States, it is rather the opposite, and there are many results that the economy at the time of graduation has sustainable impact on university graduates and white collar.

【Astety! Magic of the dinner】 A technique to transform like an instant noodle like a raw noodle - Togetter Conclusion

NHK of the broadcast on September 10, 2014 "Try it, you gotta astound! "The technique of transforming instant noodles into raw noodles" introduced in the magical SP of dining table. I immediately tried it! I summarized the tweet.

The way of cashing credit as seen in the electric shop era - at the ocean beach of the net

"Fear of diarrhea" Bamlams, tasting explanation at vocational school optional, as: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In addition to having people who enjoy fishing with lure, Ballams also puts on the internet the appearance of diarrhea by eating it in half of the game.

The article on the net is probably Kore (Fish giant deep-sea fish and eat it from the buttocks! It is! - Daily Portal Z: @nifty)

I came home by mistake while working wwwwwwwwww: Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

Efficient absorption of 'Enoki Ice' component to various dishes + (1/3 page) - MSN Sankei News
Even in GIGAZINE in July 2013 "I tried to make a variety of dishes with "cucumber ice, onion ice, pumpkin ice" crushed vegetables into ice cubes - GIGAZINE"It has been posted as an article.

Bookstore: The wave of the net, the data volume of disappearing store data, the difference in speed Difference in the core of the area successively Closed - Mainichi Newspaper

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Why old programming languages ​​do not go away | ReadWrite Japan

Do not go into AppleCare + or handheld insurance for iPhone repair compensation - akiyan.com

MontBell outdoor activity insurance is the main insurance which compensates for others' compensation outside the home and for relief expenses. The liability for others' compensation is negligence, for example when you touch a person or thing while driving on a bicycle. Relief expenses include compensation for the cost of rescue of distress during mountain activities.

A plan that compensates for carry items 24 hours a day equivalent to Apple Care + is now 12,450 yen per year contract. When considering only the iPhone, it is quite expensive compared to Apple Care + of 9,400 yen in 2 years.

However, it is up to 100,000 yen.

Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Looking at the last day - (iwi) diary

It was the first impression that it would be allowed for such a place to exist, as if it was like heaven. The environment of the laboratory is also wonderful, but the most surprising thing is that it is only necessary to really do research. Most corporate laboratories are expected to contribute to the company's profit by about half the time. On the other hand, MSR (SVC) has no such restriction. I had my mentor's calendar show me, but there were really few plans except for the whole weekly meeting.

I was surprised to hear that even the number of papers as a result can not be asked. Mentor asked from Roy Levin of the head that he was told that "the number of publications can be halved, so do the right things". Indeed, before I went to the intern, I really liked the papers written by the people here. Even if I actually study together, the people of my team They never wanted to take the attitude of "research for papers", but I was struck by a sincere attitude that does not cheat doubts.

Actually I am also indebted to Beijing's Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) in 2011 for 3 months. MSRA was also a wonderful environment to focus on research. MSRA is a vibrant environment, in part because there are so many young interns. Meanwhile, at MSR SVC, thanks to both the influence of the quiet city called Mountain View and the influence of such a philosophy, there is very calm air flowing, and it is said that it is an environment that is very suitable for carefully studying thoroughly felt.

Why did the accident happen at the Apple Store in Ginza after the release of the new iPhone? Okay Mac

On the other hand, a large police car was stopped on the central street of the shop, a suicide police officer was added additionally and entered the Apple Store.

In the closed shop, people seemed to be responsible for the Apple store had persuaded the reseller for a long time. I do not know what you are saying from outside the store. Perhaps from the gesture gesture I think that it is the purpose of saying "Please go out." However, the resale shop does not move at all from the desk.

Finally at 9:23 pm. Male and female resellers celebrated very disappointing results. I will refrain from describing in detail what happened concretely, but arresting is a result that everyone does not want.

When and for how long did you connect the submarine cable used on the Internet and so on: 2ch Copipe preservation dojo
Even GIGAZINE "Total construction cost 36 billion yen, manufacturing factory & installation report of optical submarine cable "SJC" with a total length of 9000 km that can communicate at 23 Tbps Report - GIGAZINE"A site infiltration report to land the fiber optic cable supporting the Internet from the coast, this is a huge submarine optical fiber network "SJC" connecting Japan and Southeast Asia! - GIGAZINE"There are articles covered by photos full as pictures, recommended.

Think about how to use the Tmp directory again - Ricky News

"Describe the difference between / tmp and / var / tmp" ... It seems that it appears in the question of infrastructure engineer's entry test. Well, it is a simple answer, but if it says systematic thing, it is around.

"/ Tmp" is deleted when file is deleted & restarted without accessing for 10 days. "/ Var / tmp" does not disappear even when rebooted & deleted when there is no access for 30 days.

I went to the Hatena lunch event! (With additional notes) | xxxx 7

What I thought as a participant about the flames of the Hatena lunch event | xxxx7

IPhone 6 Plus screen is a specification to reduce the size of 1242 × 2208 to 1080 × 1920. No dot by dot display allowed

Amazon: Thinking about Student 'Discount' - Mainichi Shimbun

There is a view that calmly captures the movement of Amazon. Mr. Akira Nagae, a freelance writer, said, "Amazon sells one to five books in Japan, there is a need to watch out for one company in the speech to have great power," and "Where to learn from the Amazon Even if it is public, customers' convenience first attitude is lacking in the Japanese publishing industry, although most of the books that are in line with bookstores have recently appeared, Amazon also deals with books that appeared in the past. From the success of Amazon it is questioned what the Japanese industry will learn and change. "

Amazon Japan covers the Mainichi Shimbun, "It will help to encourage students to feel at ease that books are at hand (with point reduction service), to help create new books and encounter opportunities with authors." I did not comment on the share of the bookstore industry and the cost of the service.

About Yamax Estate Co., Ltd. (About the case where design proposal suggested in crowdsourcing is used without permission (9/22) - Okinawa website production studio "wEVA Co., Ltd." President's diary

Basic knowledge of SIM free mobile for beginners | More Access! More Fun!

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Microsoft, free real-time strategy "Age of Empires: Castle Siege" released free - Foreign windows

About the future of game play videos, this is not a story of Max Murai. - Appbank's exciting diary!

Moon view of Mochizuki family Oshima Shimabashi does not move Episode 4 Shonen Jump +

Living legend · Hirohiko Araki's challenge - the fate of "a funniest month is the dead, a strange family"!

"The power of painting was great" The editor in charge talks about "Advance giants" The birth of secret story (Da Vinci news) - Yahoo! News

Pikuri of Givagnan? Bonito bonito "mistaken special demand" delight - sponach Sponichi Annex entertainment

Vertical rolls are easy to put on. ~ For Professor Koosuke Fujishima ~ # Illustration - Togetter Summary

Nintendo was a sort of "homebrew game" - the former Famitsu editor-in-chief era of the game industry witnessed by Hamamura Koichi: Nico Nico own game game Fes: Nico Nico own game game Fes (Nico Nico own game game Fes) - Nico Nico Channel: Game

I chose 100 songs recommended from 100 animated cartoons - GURURI Michi.

A story where old Bokarofan was shocked by "Magical Mirai 2014" - Goururi Michi.

Professor Ogi Shogi Amate's Imaizumi in 27 years of indomitability in an exceptional test: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Tago angry, "I was not meeting in advance" - Sponichi Annex Badminton

The first game that I took with 21 - 12 was windless, but when entering the second game, a head wind attacks Taji. Although the wind direction of the 3rd game that changed the coat is supposed to change, was the air conditioning intentionally operated, somehow again the headwind again. Because the shuttle is light and easy to be affected by the wind, it is overwhelmingly disadvantageous if it is a headwind.

Japan national coach Akiru "Obviously funny circumstances are too good" - Sponichi Annex Badminton

An Indonesian player who played on the next court and was influenced by the wind and suffered a major reversal loss said that "the wind direction changed when you moved the coat," he said. It is also about posting this matter on the report submitted to the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) and bringing it up.

Perfume Chiakakura Performance Show Phantom's Maze - Music News: nikkansports.com

I will explain what "Ichi" is "finished" - a blog where yoppy cuts off

Utama Maru Tsuyoshi Oshima "Refuse to HIPHOP not to be Japanese" tweet

Japanese can not play premier anymore! Is it? : Column | J SPORTS

The talk of European football's business becoming business and expansion of disparity accompanying it - pal-9999 football report

"Lupine The 3rd" which was a "dangerous" plan, the background of the big hit that overrides box office common sense - MSN latest news | Topics

"Yamamoto Masami, the truth of the oldest victory record" wife role · Kodaira Oda talks | Shueisha's sports general magazine Sportiva official website web Sportiva | Baseball

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(PDF file)"Notice of 'Sushi Sumita Rin Kimchi (Kaneku Collaboration)' New Release on Rice" was posted.

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