Successfully hacking a Canon printer to display the game on the display part

Printers developed by Canon for overseasPixmaA vulnerability has been discovered in. A security researcher has successfully used a vulnerability discovered by himself to display a game on a small display installed in a printer.

Hacking Canon Pixma Printers - Doomed Encryption

BBC News - Canon printer hacked to run Doom video game

Michael Jordan, a security researcher, discovered the vulnerability of Canon's overseas printer "Pixma". According to Jordan, Pixma can connect to the Internet like other printers and check the status of the device from the PC, but Canon can change printer IP address, manage certificate, It is said that the user name and password were not installed in the web interface which changes the setting.

If this vulnerability can be used, if a printer can be found on the Internet, a third party seems to be able to check the status of the device. A search engine that can search various devices connected to the InternetSHODANYou can search Pixma in use by using.

After discovering the vulnerability, Mr. Jordan also investigated and discovered that Pixma's firmware was crackable despite being encrypted. Mr. Jordan installed his own firmware and found that Pixma is genuine.

Mr. Jordan succeeded in launching DOOM released in 1993 with Pixma using vulnerability. Images that are unbelievable are released to the public that the game is running on the printer display.

"I thought that the processors and displays on Pixma were perfect for running DOOM," Jordan explains why he thought of combining a printer and DOOM. However, it seems that it took a labor to start the game on Pixma just after discovering the vulnerability, and it took four months to repeat the work of writing the code and doing the start-up experiment.

Jordan says, "As far as I know, there is no evidence that the attacks were made using the vulnerability discovered this time," Canon responded so that updates that repair vulnerabilities can be distributed as soon as possible We are in a hurry.

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