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Nikon Imaging is a new model of FX format camera "D 750We are announcing that it will be released on September 25. The effective pixel number of D 750 is 24.32 million pixels, the ISO sensitivity is 100 to 12800, the high-speed continuous shooting is about 6.5 frames per second, and the weight is about 840 g. As the FX format machine for the first time, Wi-Fi is built in, and the taken picture can be transferred to the connected PC without using an adapter etc. In addition, this is also the first FX format machine equipped with tilt liquid crystal, making it easier to see the liquid crystal when shooting upward or downward. Nikon direct price is only body225,500 yen including tax.24-85 VR Lens Kit (28, 3500 yen including tax),24-120 VR Lens Kit (300,000 yen including tax)There is also.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Hybrid communication that improves Internet speed in airplane "Gogo GTO" - GIGAZINE

Simple CSS code to crash IE 8 · IE 9 is found - GIGAZINE

Google Chrome extension "Timecapsule.io" for later reading after a specified period - GIGAZINE

Vegetable cultivation project in space promoted by NASA "VEGGIE" - GIGAZINE

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VIPPER me: Pokemon "I do not want to fight ... I do not want to fight ... I do not want to fight ..." Satoshi "Ike! Fight !!"

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CNN.co.jp: Solar Flare, Magnetic Storm Reaching the Earth Also Influencing the Electricity Network

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"Road collapses at Yamanashi · Isawa hot springs, big hole opening" News i - TBS video news site

Asahi Shimbun, article cancellation apology apology Yoshida record "Violation of command and withdrawal" coverage: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Moriguchi City Hall: Purchase Sanyo head office building moved by spring of 2005 - Mainichi Newspaper

A testimony to an innocent daughter to a daughter suspicious man is "doubtful of credibility" |

NHK news that Japan honor hurt by Prime Minister Asahi Shinbun article

Asahi is full of bruises at "Yoshida report coverage cancellation" | Trend | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

13 years from the September 11 terror attacks ceremony NHK News

Aggressive intervention is an invasion act, the Syrian State Minister warning | Reuters

Prosecutor's officer arrested in a Saitama alleged hike and escaped unlicensed - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Hit and run by bicycle, car deprivation Hyogo Hyogo, Nishinomiya City staff - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear seawater injection circulation Command chaos NHK News

Abe's Prime Minister Brain Hamada Koichi cabinet secretariat asked "Consumption tax increase and corporate tax reduction" | Yasuhiro Hasegawa "Deep in News" | Contemporary Business [Kodansha]

Dyson, the back circumstances of "nowabove falling bumba": Nikkei business online

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VIPPER I: the young man's fruit sells appearing in the streets, the actual state of the malicious "lie covered"

Sugiyama Junichi's current current day thought: Shibuya - Haneda access line confrontation! Reason why Tokyu gained positive attention to "Kamagami Line" (1/6) - Business Media Makoto

I tried variously and privately about Relaxation and Organization and "This Industry". - Miscellaneous backstory of the hand shop.

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Summary of how to print photos and documents on iPhone at convenience stores

Long-term bet to Apple, fashion business: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Efforts to eradicate "I broke down not doing anything" - Togetter Summary

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Director Oshii, restructuring of Studio Ghibli Revelation - Cinema News: nikkansports.com

Meanwhile, Director Oshii cited the fact that Director Anano covered a gigantic soldier in "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" in 1984, "It is probably best for Amano to do" Nausicaa 2 ", which is the most correct I will be able to do it.When I make a terrible guy with muddy, I will be convinced that all the various things are over, and it will fit in as much as 30 years. " Suzuki producer agreed, "I think so too."

Summary of the origin of the name of the Mars cataphact of "Aldnoah-Zero" | Kousyoublog

Why is it Higashi Hiroshi? Mori Hosoda 'Reason for screening' The Girl Who Leapt Through the Time 'now - Movie Interview: CINRA.NET

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The University of Tokyo F-tec, Reason for abstention this year clearly - "Skipping human-powered planes is not a" good activity anyone can do "? - Unknown - In short it's a reading diary and a man power plane -

Idol and association, damages to fans - incident / accident news: nikkansports.com

The group's management company claims that members of the group, parental authority, and associates' fans are seeking compensation for damages, saying that members of the idol group hidden behind the fans, claiming damages.

The group suddenly withdrew from the group at Aoyama ☆ St. Hachamatecha High School (so-called Mechahai) in April this year, Yuuki Miho (19) and Miho Miura (22), who were the core members. In a fan event held in Tokyo in August, the producer explains the reason, "There was a serious breach of contract, two were associating with fans," and revealed the opponent's real name. In addition, the operating company sent a content certificate requesting damages of 8,232,000 yen to the fans.

[Seibu] West entrance, continue to active! In the 21st year of next year "I'm going to do": Baseball: Sports report

[With image] Risaki, tears can not stop at a retirement interview: What a stadium @ N J summary

Nadeshiko L ​​leader relegates sexual harassment to players Emergency meeting on 12th - Sponichi Annex football

Mr. Okada, Mr. Kanemoto, Mr. Yano Masaru Hanshin Wada Kenji is a blank sheet Leaping: Nanjei Stadium @ N J Summary

30: Wind blowing if nothing @ \ (^ o ^) / 2014/09/12 (Fri) 06: 13: 40.62 ID: pcpe3xLo.net
Does the director change if you win?

Hanshin made a battle with local devastated missed www> Hanshin> summary Taro!

Yes, let 's see baseball This year' s Hanshin Reinforcement Gomez + Kure great success! → 3rd place

Akihua Prize Horse Air Messiah dies of accident during grazing - forecast king TV @ SANSPO.COM

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HUNTER × HUNTER × Cool Eyes Eyewear

Delicious taste that starts crispy! "Shokorote · Semi Sweet Chocolate" "Shokorute · Cranberry Chocolate" New Release

Nikon | News | Press Releases: AF-S NIKKOR 20 mm f / 1.8 G ED with a large aperture with a focal length of 20 mm and an open F value of 1.8 released

Nikon | News | Press Release: Launch Speedlight "SB-500" equipped with LED light, compact, lightweight and portable

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