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All six movie version of TV animation "Urusei Yatsura" broadcasted on Fuji TV since 1981 · All 11 pieces of OVA will be released as Blu-ray BOX. The following works are recorded.

· Movie Blu-ray BOX
"Urusei Yatsura Only You" (released February 13, 1983)
"Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful Dreamer" (released February 11, 1984)
"Urusei Yatsura 3 Remember · My Love" (released January 26, 1985)
"Urusei Yatsura 4 Lamb the Forever" (released February 22, 1986)
"Urusei Yatsura Complete Hen" (released February 6, 1988)
"Urusei Yatsura always my darling" (published November 2, 1991)
· OVA Blu-ray BOX
"Urushi Yatsura Oko's September Tea Party" (1985)
"Urusei Yatsura Aim The End chan" (1986)
"Urusei Yatsura's dream's in-process person, Inaba appeared" (1987)
"Urusei Yatsura angry sorbet" (1988)
"Urusei Yatsura Nagisa's fiancée" (1988)
"Urusei Yatsura Electric gimmick's Garden Number" (1989)
"Urusei Yatsura barking at the moon" (1989)
"Urusei Yatsura goat and cheese" (1989)
"Urusei Yatsura Holds the Heart" (1989)
"Urusei Yatsura Otome Bashi no Terror" (1991)
"Urusei Yatsura Soul and Date" (1991)

Theatrical version Blu-ray BOX will be released on June 24 with 6 works taken. The price is 30,800 yen + tax. OVA Blu - ray BOX will release OVA 11 works on 3 discs and will be released on April 22. The price is 14,700 yen + tax.
© Rumiko Takahashi / Shogakkan

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014 10: 00-17: 00
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Director Valley East

Animation production studio color digital section

High school girl HIDAKO loves cycling enough to admire professional road racers.
Every morning, I am competing with my classmate boys up to the school on the slope, but I lost consecutive laps.
Regretful hinoko gets a hint of victory from the race image of the admired player and wishes in the next morning ...

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45: Wind blowing if you wind it @ \ (^ o ^) / 2014/11/13 (Thur) 22: 17: 37.50 ID: 5Oo24iCp0.net
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51: Nasting if the wind blows @ \ (^ o ^) / 2014/11/13 (Thurs) 22: 19: 27.19 ID: GBcp7sfW0.net
>> 45
NBA can also be saved by updating every highlight of each game / player on YouTube.
NFL has so many videos on its site
Honma Amesupo's management is competent

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Df - Overview | Single lens reflex camera | Nikon Imaging

Df Black Gold Edition appeared! "Nikon Df" 1 year anniversary limited release model

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Popular old-fashioned confectionary of nostalgia appeared in "FamilyMart collection" original size ~ You can enjoy even if you share it "Large size" ~

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