"Umeda ☆ skate link Tsurutun" which can enjoy ice skating easily at Osaka station is opened, the venue is like this

For a period of about three months from Friday, November 14, 2014 to February 15, 2015 (Sunday), a special skating rink at Urankida Square in Granfront Osaka at the station north of JR Osaka Station "Ummeda ☆ Skate Link Tsuruurun"Will appear. I've been wondering what kind of venue it really is like the actual skating rink which is going to be crowded at winter events such as Christmas and Valentine's Day.

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The Umekida Square with "Umeda ☆ Skate Link Tsurutuburu" is in front of the Grand Front Osaka located on the north side of JR Osaka Station.

Looking from JR Osaka station 's central north mouth atrium square side, extending to the right side is a contact deck to Granfront Osaka, and when you descend the stairs on your left you are a Umekita Square.

Looking down from the staircase over the Umekita Square, you will find a skate link immediately.

If you look closely well, it is not a feeling that so many people are still slipping yet, and the number one who is gathering has been overwhelmingly "what is this?

On the wall of the skate link is the character of "Umeda ☆ skate link Tsuruurun".

Looking at it from another angle is like this. The area of ​​the skate link is about 26 m in length × 18 m in width.

It seems that cameraman is taking a picture of skating rink.

Photographers also came up next to the link. It seems to be taking a picture of skating rink open.

There were some cameras that grew in the link and there were a total of three cameras photographing the state of the people skating on the skate link.

The entrance of the link has two on the Grand Front side.

If you buy an admission ticket, you can lend skate shoes, so you can slide anytime you have money.

Swissiei There are many people who are coming to slide with friends and family. Because I went there during the day, the number of people sliding on the link was about 10 people and it was pretty available, so now I can slide on without being concerned about people.

In order to enter the ice rink you need to buy a ticket with a ticket vending machine next to the link. Today's tickets can be bought for 1500 yen including tax for adults, 1000 yen including tax for elementary school students. Preschool children are required to accompany their parents, and gloves are essential when entering the ice rink, so if you do not have them you can purchase gloves together with this ticket vending machine. One glove is 300 yen.

The skating rink is not iceXtraiceIt is laid with a resin plate called "water-soluble lubricant" on the link. It is a white board as I saw it and I thought "Can you really slide on top of it?", But since there are some people actually sliding in front of you, I can skate properly.

So when you buy a ticket, let 's have skate shoes that match the size of your feet at reception next to it.

Skate shoes that can be rented are as follows. Size is available in increments of 0.5 cm from 15 cm to 30 cm.

I decided to slip my luggage and lock it in the locker.

The impression that I actually slipped was "I'm sluggishly over this board, beyond imagination!" Anyway it slips, so I can not slide the link as I think when I first entered the ice link, I managed somehow sliding the link while managing a person skating well around me It was. There is a rule of absolutely adherence "on the link" to "slide counterclockwise", but it is OK if you keep this and slide carefully and boldly so that you will not get injured.

The link seems to be slid by 100 people at the same time due to the design, but it is said that there are cases where admission control may be applied when about 70 people enter the link.

"If you do not slide at all ...", it is good to sit on the bench next to the link and take a break.

From a professional slip back ... ....

The young people who skated with friends had a wide range of age groups.

The shooting of the television was finished at 16 o'clock and it was withdrawing, so now it seems that I can slide without any fault.

"Umeda ☆ Skate Link Tsuruurun" is very slippery as its name suggests, although it is not ice, you can wear skate shoes and slide it in a magical experience. However, because the Umekita Square with the skating rink is in a big building group, the building style is strong and it was very cold, so it would be nice to take a warmer look if you want to skate. It is also not bad to slip a little while going out near the Osaka station, especially because it is possible to slip a bit and go home soon, without waiting time.

In addition, "Umeda ☆ Skate Link Slutunbun" is open from 12 o'clock to 21 o'clock in the period from Friday, November 14, 2014 to February 15, 2015 (Sun).

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