Dyson opens a mysterious product preview movie, is it a robot vacuum cleaner like Rumba?

Dyson is offering innovative products such as cyclone vacuum cleaner and feather-free fan, but "Dyson project N 223"A mystery movie previewing a new product entitled" The Movie "was released on the official channel. In the subtitle "Investment of 200 engineers, 28 million pounds (about 4,818 million yen) for 16 years, what is the result, please tell us your thoughts?" Imagination It has become a movie that is made to fight.

Dyson project N223: what new technology is ready for launch? - Official Dyson Video - YouTube

Noisy camera image.

It was a Dyson office-like place that sharply displayed. A man is staring at a mysterious object.

Then the mysterious objects close up to men.

The image again becomes sandstorm ... ...

The place where two men are touching a product with caterpillar was projected.

After thinking, the next is looking at a product similar to a fan without feathers.

Then it switches to an image like a program of something ......

I was cleaning the dark office with a cyclone cleaner. Mysterious objects have cameras with a wide field of view, seemingly looking around.

It seems that James Dyson seems to be checking something as a person squatting down.

Products like self-propelled vacuum cleaner are running ......

The product which the mosaic is worried also moves. Is it the identity of a mysterious product?

Lastly, all of our employees gathered in the office, looking at mysterious products.

When Mr. Dyson gets a bit like pressing a button ... ...

The picture is black out. The text "September 4" is obscured and is considered to be the official announcement day.

What you can see from the movie is a small size product placed on the floor, which means you can track objects with panoramic viewing angle. Looking at the comment section, it is predicted that the most comments "robot vacuum cleaner" and "floor vacuum cleaner" are "products like iRobot's rumba?" In addition, there was an unexpected expectation that "a towel-free body dryer after showering".

Dyson invested 5 million pounds (about 853 million yen)Robot with the same level of thinking and space recognition ability as humansStart developing, or before GoogleGlass appearedSmart glass with speech recognition assistant function like SiriBecause we are doing development of "robotic vacuum cleaner with AI", you may not be wrong.

It is a new product by Dyson enveloped in a mystery, but everything is unveiled on September 4, 2014 (local time).

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