How is the beautiful picture of the BBC wildlife documentary taken?

"Earth"Or"NatureIt is the public broadcaster in the UK that has produced a naturally documentary film released in Japan, such as "BBCis. The breathtaking beautiful images are just surprised every time, but the mystery is about shooting methods. BBC's documentary program "Wildlife"Director and producer John Downer reveals the shooting method in an interview.

Sensory: BBC Wildlife Director John Downer & amp; the technology of 'spy-cam' filmmaking on Vimeo

"When I started working in Wildlife, I was shooting with a video camera, then an HD camera was born, and the camera got smaller and smaller," Downer said.

It is because there is an idea of ​​a high-performance compact camera and a creator that can shoot beautiful images.

This is a camera imitating eggs of birds.

The shooting team led by Mr. Downer uses camouflaged cameras to nature objects to shoot wild animals as close as possible.

At this time, wild animals mistaken for feeding brought a camera and flew away, so we had a wonderful image.

Sometimes I set a small camera on my back.

I succeeded in photographing with the bird's eyes and photographed valuable images.

"Although the price of cameras increased as we downsized, the impact of GoPro on the miniature camera market took a shock, not only for professionals like us but also for amateur people to take great pictures So, we were tried and tried by professionals to take pictures that amateur people can not take, "Downer said.

When the photographer of the tiger photographed the idea of ​​the producer.

How did you succeed in shooting from a close range?

This is a rock-shaped camera used for shooting.

By blending the camera naturally, we were able to shoot the natural movement of the tiger.

A tiger who is interested in the camera.

For taking polar bears ......

Use a camera that can be moved by remote control.

Look for a polar bear with a mobile camera ......

Succeeded in this closeup.

I used a camera that can move over water.

Polar bears who are eating at the waterfront. It is a precious picture.

These camouflage cameras are packed with ideas of the producers.

Shooting of dolphins was the most difficult to shoot.

In order to challenge dolphin shooting, I first challenge to set a camera on a penguin model and shoot penguins.

I was able to shoot a group of penguins safely.

To capture dolphins that require a camera that can move more smoothly and more, use a sea turtle type camera. The camera is mounted in the eye part.

By manipulating the sea turtle's neck so that it can move up and down, I was able to shoot the dolphins in water and underwater.

In another shooting, I used a camera imitating a fish.

The impressive picture of the dolphin swimming is thus taken.

Even though I always hit a problem with a new project, all the staff showed up ideas and was able to shoot a wonderful video. With the advent of GoPro, the boundaries between professional and amateurs are gone, the important thing is not the expensive equipment, but the idea in the shooting method.

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