Wild animals movies taken with animals and camouflaged cameras naturally

We put a camera in an animal type robot or a model imitating plants and photographs the natural appearance of wild animals at the latest. It is not such a fancy form, but it seems that animals do not care much.

Details are as below.
The movie is from the following link.

John Downer Productions Ltd. - Trek - Spy On The Wildebeest

Turtle camera. I am walking somehow unnatural.

Close up the cheetah's meal scenery.

It is so close.

Crocodile with floating ring.

A baby camera with holes in the forehead.

It is being seen tremendously.

A dragonfly camera that fly in the sky.

You can also shoot powerful scenes.

Bone camera. It is being stepped on exactly.

Very doubtful grass camera.

It is being seen quite a bit.

Stone camera.

I photographed a river crossing between nu and zebra.

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