A study report on what bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract influences what you want to eat


Everyone has appetite to rise without reason, such as "I want to eat pizza today", but perhaps it may be due to bacteria.

Is eating behavior manipulated by the gastrointestinal microbiota? Evolutionary pressures and potential mechanisms - Alcock - 2014 - BioEssays - Wiley Online Library

Your Gut Bacteria Want You to Eat a Cupcake - The Atlantic

Over 10,000 species of bacteria inhabit human digestive organs, and bacteria live by getting energy from the food ingested by humans. It is also known that bacteria parasitizing on humans will regulate the physical condition of the host (human) by helping digestion and eradicating malignant bacteria in exchange for giving energy . Usually we are not conscious of the existence of bacteria, but humans and bacteria keep their relationship of holding each other.


Although it is a bacteria of existence that is appreciated to humans, the possibility of managing the selection of human food beyond managing human's physical condition is studied by the University of California professor Carlo · C · Murray et al. AnnouncedpaperI point out.

According to Dr. Marley 's research, bacteria in the intestines compete fiercely and are affecting the desire for human food in the process of survival competition. Specifically, in order to overcome the survival competition with bacteria of other species, bacteria encourage humans to ingest nutrients that they can grow more, and, in turn, encourage humans to suppress the nutrients desired by rival species bacteria We are doing a "tug of war".

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In this tug of war, bacteria feel the taste of the hostTaste receptorTo change a certain food to make it more delicious, to give hormones to induce hunger, to suppress the intake of foodVagus nerveIt is said to operate. In addition, it points out that bacteria may even work to overcome the survival competition with bacteria of other species, so that they are more likely to favor their prosperity than host health promotion.

Only Japanese with special bacteria can digest and break down laverresearch resultAlthough it is well known, bacteria seem to have great influence even to the taste of food.

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