How much bacteria dominate your body?

Recent studies have revealed that bacteria in the human body have an effect on human behavior. What kind of work is done in the body by the bacteria of the relation that can not be separated from human beings even if cut off,How Bacteria Rule Over Your BodyIt is described with comical animation.

How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body - The Microbiome - YouTube

Bacteria exist everywhere.

In a smartphone or a plastic bottle ......

Of course on top of the palm.

Bacteria will exist even after washing their hands.

It also shines in your mouth. It is nonsense to think about escaping from the bacteria that exist in every place.

Millions of years ago, human beings chose the way to coexist with bacteria, accepted the agreement and accepted them in the body.

Nonetheless, it is also true that the relationship between mankind and bacteria is as tense as "cold war".

Babies in the uterus are isolated from bacteria.

However, along with childbirth, you will inherit the mother's bacteria.

Even if you were born with a caesarean section. Babies take in plenty of bacteria from the outside world such as mother's bacteria.

Many millions of years, humanity has built intimate relationships with bacteria. For example, breast milk that a baby drinks is also for coexistence with bacteria.

Certain sugars contained in breast milk play a role in growing bacteria.

It has the function of raising bacteria, making other bacteria work, adjusting the immune system to a stable state.

In about two years, the environment of the microorganisms in the body stabilizes in a stable state. Every human being has its own microorganisms in his body. It consists of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

Speaking about internal bacteria such as internal organs, it can be roughly divided into three types.

The first one is completely harmless. It inhabits the body but does not affect the human body, so it was ignored. As long as it is too large to be recognized as a foreign object, it is left alone.

The second one is harmful. For example, this is representative of cav. If you leave it, it tries to increase more and more.

Humans who do not want to do so will try to remove these bacteria by brushing teeth.

However, it can not be completely removed.

The third is useful for human beings.

Most of the bacteria that are thought to have 5000 kinds, 3800 trillion in the body, live in the internal organs. These bacteria help digestion and remove extra calories.

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that an enemy invades the internal organs, so it has an immune system with a powerful attack capability. Bacteria are inevitable by the immune system.

Therefore, bacteria send a message not to attack the immune system.

Because there are bacteria that transmit information to the immune system and increase the speed of regeneration of visceral cells, we recognize that the immune system is beneficial and allow bacterial coexistence.

In the last few years, evidence has been found that internal organs' microorganisms have a major impact on the body.

Some things have been discovered to communicate directly with the brain.

90% of serotonin in the body, which plays an important role in information transmission of nerve cells, is made of internal organs.

For this reason, some scientists believe that bacteria are involved in signaling nerves.

Bacteria that stimulate immune cells have also been found.

In this way the bacteria alarm the brain and the immune system is pointing to catch enemies.

Bacteria decide what to eatResearch has also been issued.

The magnitude of the influence of bacteria on our behavior is attracting attention.

For example, there are research results suggesting that bacteria are involved in feelings of sadness.

Giving a healthy mouse with bacteria of a depressed person ......

I know that I will empathize and frustrate my anxiety.

A study on the fact that bacteria influence intelligence in 2017 was announced.

Depending on the type of bacteria in your body, you can see that there is a difference in language development.

Furthermore, bacteria may have a big influence also in daily life.

By examining fly bacteria that eat fruit you can determine the type of fruit you are eating.

From this result, there is a possibility that bacteria tell the brain what to eat.

Bacteria originally inherited from mothers, but as bacteria change over generations, what they want to eat also changes.

Bacteria in the body have different things to eat from bacteria to bacteria. If you have bacteria that like rich foods like vegetables like dietary fiber ......

Some bacteria prefer sweet things ......

Some bacteria prefer fatty foods such as fried potatoes.

Our internal organs are like farms and we regularly decide what to plant. The more you eat healthy food, the more bacteria prefer healthy food. The more you eat junk food, the more bacteria you like junk food.

There are times when fatigue accumulates and stress increases in life.

Tend to eat fast food such as pizza and hamburgers at such times. This is a situation not hoped for bacteria that like fast food.

Bacteria prefer fast food and take away the location of bacteria that like healthy food such as vegetables.

In addition, bacteria that prefer fast foods will send a directive to the brain saying "eat more fast food".

Thus, further eating fast food increases the number of fast food-loving bacteria, and it also leads to a vicious circle that the intake of fast food increases.

This bacterial self-propagation cycle may play an important role in obesity.

However, it is important to be able to change the vicious circle as you can increase the number of bacteria that prefer healthy food by eating healthy food.

We know that not only obesity but also bacteria are related to serious diseases such as cancer.

For example, it is a good example that a problem arises in the internal organs in the initial symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

If bad bacteria are related to disease, there is only one solution.

Bringing down bad bacteria and incorporating good bacteria.

This is very easy. Stool of a healthy person ......

If you take it in your body OK.

In this method,C. difficileIt is actually used to cure the symptoms of bacteria-caused diarrhea.

However, the technique of transplantation of bacteria is something that has just begun and is not understood.

A case has been reported that feces are taken in order to cure diarrhea, but becoming obese.

There is also research to try to use this failure conversely. We will take over the fat of people who are obese and help us to eliminate obesity.

It is necessary to further study about the mechanism that bacteria make human beings healthy or sick.

Either way, humans need bacteria and bacteria also need humans. It is only certain that human beings and bacteria are inseparable even if cut.

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