What is the physiological effect of 'forest bath' verified in 24 forests in Japan?


Forest bathingIt is said that you can refresh your mind and body by touching the clean air and scenery apart from the bustle of the city by putting yourself in the forest environment such as parks and forests that trees grow. Although it was said that the mental element was large, what kind of influence is physiologically,Forestry Research InstituteConducted a field survey in 24 forests in Japan.

The physiological effects of Shinrin-yoku (taking in the forest atmosphere or forest bathing): evidence from field experiments in 24 forests across Japan

The treePhytoncideIn addition to mental therapy effects, scientific efficacy of forest bathing is being studied as it emits chemical substances called so. In 2010, the Forestry Research Institute reviews the previous research results and conducts on-site surveys to clarify the physiological effects of forest bathing at 24 forests in Japan.


The verification method sends six healthy male college students in the forest area / urban area as "verifier" to each area for 6 people, asking the view to see the scenery, or walking and included in salivaCortisolOf blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate. All of the objectives of the experiment were communicated to the verifier and that alcohol and tobacco were banned in order to measure accurate test results. Also,Cross checkBecause of that, each group of six people exchanged the area the next day to verify.

The verifier's measurements are taken before breakfast, before and after walking (10 minutes to 20 minutes), before and after the scenery observation (10 minutes to 15 minutes), and show the change in heart rate etc.RR intervalChange is measured during walking, and during landscape observation. As a result, physiological effects such as reduction of cortisol emitted by stress, decrease of blood pressure / pulse, activation of parasympathetic nervous activity, inactivation of sympathetic nerve activity, It is said that it was seen.

These figures indicate a decrease in stress and it is a convincing result to prove the relaxation effect of the natural environment. At the same time measure the state of mood and emotion from the six measures of "tension" "depression" "anger" "lively" "fatigue" "confusion"Japanese version POMS (POMS), The psychological effects of the verifier were also measured. As a result, the forest group shows lower numbers than urban areas in all items except "lively", and the relaxation effect of the forest bath is proved physiologically and psychologically.

When you are tired you may want to relax at home rather than go out, but on holidays you can relax your body and mind by "slowing down where there is green".

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