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Continue repelling the faces of the hawk's claws coming to the aisle by using characters / girls appearing in "Street Fighter II", etc. iOS · Android game application "TAKAREET FIGHTER Ⅱ ~ waiting guy ~"Has been released.

Waiting girl for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store ~ ​​TAKAREET FIGHTER Ⅱ ~

TAKAREET FIGHTER Ⅱ ~ - Google Play Android application

Basic play is free. Since the president of the hawk claw group and Yoshida-kun and Leonardo doctor come to the bottom of the screen from the edge of the screen, summer salt kick is given to the character coming from above, and the character coming from the side to eat the sonic boom If you repel it OK.

The game screen looks something like this.

There is also a movie that Takahashi Masato has played this game.

Waiting Girl ~ TakarEet FIGHTER Ⅱ ~ Masters Video - YouTube

A game icon where Yoshida-kun is gayish is a landmark.

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By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

What is "Shadow Profile" which is created without permission even if you are not using Facebook - GIGAZINE

High-tech signboard producing 100 liters of drinking water from the moisture in the air a day - GIGAZINE

North Korea develops its own smartphone "Arirang" - GIGAZINE

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Chaos Chan: If you have flowers and smoke in front of a tomb

Even at GIGAZINE on 7th July 2014 "A movie full of exhilaration realizing the hover board of back to the future with marine sports - GIGAZINEThat's what I reported as saying that.

【There is a picture】 Paste the image of your picture compared with the past and compare it now, please paste it: Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

【Darkness of the Net】 Old Girls Mocking the Young Generation Do not Know Floppy (2nd Page) - Togetter Summary

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Where is "excessive exercise" from? Research picture 1 international news: AFPBB News

Cockroach Insecticide: Questionable Questionnaires on "Secondary Effects" - Mainichi Shimbun

ISAS | About IKAROS's transition to hibernation mode (4th time) / Topics

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Increase taxes to consumers "big blow" = participation of the Hamada Cabinet Secretariat - WSJ

Fukushima No. 1, "Ice Wall" Abandonment or another method of construction is considered by the Regulatory Commission on the 19 th + (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News

A city thermometer with a display of "over 40 degrees", actually not delivered: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

McDonald 's "Hygiene Issue" Discovered | Dining Out | Toyo Keizai Online | Business Site for New Generation Leader

At the McDonald's store in Nagoya city, on the 10th of August, ordinary guests took pictures of parents and children of private clothes in the kitchen and let them "experience" burger and drink preparations. The company apologized as "It was a part of the vocational experience for children, but the rule such as original uniforms, wearing a hat and the like was not observed and caused a misunderstanding," and instructed all shops to check the actual condition.

Watami manager real name prosecution! "I can not bear the chilling of yakitori in front of my eyes": PRESIDENT Online - President

Current affairs dot com: Islamic countries to 1,500 people sex slaves = minority women - UN statement

Status evidence, why collapse Kyoto · Maizuru Takahiro 1 Murder investigation verification: Kyoto newspaper

Mandarin clothing maker "Shoplifting is a life-and-death problem" Face-opening visit Pros and cons: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The name of the village "Death to the Jews" Central Buddha, the Jewish group seeks renaming - MSN Sankei News

North Korea nuclear weapons and missiles "Not subject to Japan" NHK News

Girls voyeur in super public baths, arresting a man with child porn making with a wristwatch camera - MSN Sankei west

About LINE 's career of a member who chewed up to junior high school students was spectacular - I do not want to say, but I am a blue-eyed boy

Japanese nationality Not recognizing misidentified arrest, Ibaragi Passport is judged non-carrying - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

Taiwan police arrested two men on sale of unfair B-CAS First caught abroad: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Do you know about slaughter acts against Muslims in Sri Lanka? People who are only watching Sri Lankan newspapers and TVs do not know, of course. · Global Voices Japanese

The identity of the Self Defense Force Unmanned Submarine which the US Navy has focused on: blog simulation novels and defense misunderstanding by Mr. Kunakata

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NHK news starting operation of Kyoto "Yokai Train"

A man's life only where Oi Racing will go even if she gets summer vacation - Kannai Kannai diary (inside)

"Removing a car" "Inwardly oriented" ... How far is the discourse over youth? ~ Interview with Naoko Kuga, Associate Chief Researcher, NLI Research Institute - (1/2)

Three things on the Shinkansen "Do not do this alone" - Heart is not here

Paris "Padlock of Love" Do not attach to the bridge NHK News
At GIGAZINE "Pondezaire bridge which damaged too much with love padlock"I actually went to the bridge and took pictures but it's been amazing.

R · Williams Struggled "depression", a disease picture stuck with indiscriminate 1 international news: AFPBB News

Retired chef I challenge Mac chicken nugget: Kini speed

Cook pad recipe 100 pieces Taste it was delicious Vest 5 - Train cat's volume

A year has passed since I became a paid member of the cook pad.

While making various things, it came to be said "good cooking" from around.
I just make the top recipe exactly as it searches, but (laugh)

I made recipes for about 100 pieces, but I will give you the best 5 among them that was particularly delicious.

[There is a picture] What is the name of clothing like this breast bone? : Kini speed

My daughter who is 15 years old was crying, "Why did you name this?": Kinyaki

I went on a trip to Italy some time ago, but I realized again the magnitude of my Japanese passport - child rearing chan

What is necessary in the rural areas is not "differentiation" such as select shops, etc. Tellena Kawakami · Author's "Baka to sell objects" Commemorative dialogue @ Morioka "Hokkaido Bunko" | Wisdom of wisdom | Business [Kodansha]

I found out about "animals" when I work (middle part): Is man 's greatest crime "agriculture"? Think about the population decline problem of Japanese (1/6) - Business Media Makoto

R-style »Why" Intellectual production "~ About kind of information card ~

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Please be aware of malware pretending to be system update notification - Nikoniko Info

From around August 8 (Friday), within the niconico service,
The guidance that appears as a notification to urge FlashPlayer or the system update is displayed,
According to the guidance, malware (software that performs malicious behavior)
There were several reports that it will be downloaded.

CentOS - New NTP client & server, chrony - Qiita

Chrony installed when CentOS 7 chooses other than "minimal installation" is an NTP client / server that became standard instead of ntpd.

Nonetheless, ntpd can still be used in CentOS 7, ntpdate is used instead of ntpdate, so use ntpdate if you want to hit the ntpdate command.

Below, the initial draft will focus on the difference between chrony and ntpd. If there is a point of interest, it will also be written, but since it is deep as it is followed deeply, take the form to append once more points to be worried later increase.
Also, since it is chrony and not cronie to make it in this article, be worrisome.

The world top three are Japanese wwwwww

I benchmarked CentOS - EXT 4 vs XFS vs Btrfs vs ZFS with fio. - Qiita

Y2K problem remembrance recall failing to catch up with the rapid growth of the net on the Internet - WSJ

Report on unauthorized login to "MUJI"

MobileHackerz restart diary: Hako vision remodel Hatsune Miku and make Miku pop out more!

F-Secure Blog: There is no perfect security, privacy, etc. in the Internet world - what you know by reading the terms

【LINE MANGA】 Launched "LINE Manga Series", a free serial series service that will be a new initiative with each publisher at "LINE Manga", the largest domestic electronic comic service for smartphones

Is the Microsoft Office really necessary in the future - WSJ

TV Asahi "Are everyone a photographer" so bad the terms of use? - Eye of the eyes from the top of @ sophizm

Writers should support Amazon, not Hachette: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

Since the traveling media is muddy, I studied PV etc etc. - Life still lives off the rail - former temporary office blog

Ingress-related gif animation [Icon can also be used] - Diary of tako 0416 living near Shibuya

【OCN Closure! Is it? 】 The possibility that the Kato family discontinuities "really" will be broken - various melting pots

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"I Quality" / "Oshkiri Rosuke" cartoon [pixiv]

Committee 86 Information and Requests from Immediate Preparation - Togetter Summary

【C86】 International exhibition halls and convenience stores in front of the station and big site will be in a battle for the summer comic! : Moe Ota news bulletin

List of circle number by genre code (C80 ~ C86) and summer comic announcement - Myrmecoleon in Paradoxical Library. Hatena New building

【Ship】 This is the original story of the aircraft carrier Life, middle living princess, E-6? 【AL / MI operation】: Sazanami disintegration

Megumi High School 's inferior student "Demon's Right Arm (Demon Light)" BLEACH "Devil's Left Arm (: Philosophy News nwk

How was the screenplay of the two stories written? - Mr. Tsuji Okada and Mr. Hiroyuki Yamaga testimony - - Second speed

Until Rockman DASH 3 ceases development »wizaman's blog

How was a baby light novel "Constitutional Girl" born with the theme of judicial exams born? Lawyer Dot Com Topics

Downtown Hot Blood Marching It Massacre Athletic Meet ~ All Star Special ~

Celestial method PV 2.5 - YouTube

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Apple - Memorial Robin Williams

Aguirret is the future of Troussier ... Association officials chattering: footballnet [Football summary]

Marton and Yamada 's top batters battle wwwww: N - J baseball flash

11: Wind blowing if you wind it @ \ (^ o ^) / 2014/08/13 (Wednesday) 23: 55: 40.25 ID: j8NKCJuY.net
Yamada is over 40% batting average per month
In addition, Merton seems to be over 50%

Yes, let's see baseball, you forgot the darkness of the giant that Mr. Kiyutake has already exposed

Is "a manager who grasped 20,000 rice balls" a bad guy? - Togetter Summary

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