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"Ringing Penguin" "The Girl Revolutionary Utena" The latest work by Kohihiko KoharaOfficial site of 'Yuri Kumarashi'WhenOfficial Twitter accountHas opened.

At the moment there is no concrete picture, and a catch phrase "It is not mixed with the transparent storm, I will find out" is displayed. The character draft is Akiko Morishima, the character design is Etsuko Sumoto, and the animation production is SILVER LINK. At the same time, Akiko Morishima's comic version, which is responsible for drawing, is also serialized in Comic Birds, the original is "Ikunigomaki Nako".

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Various topics on overseas soft drinks that moisten thirsty throat - GIGAZINE

Interview with "Zak Snyder" influenced by "AKIRA" on "Man of Steel" - GIGAZINE

A very American hamburger set floating in the potato sea "Awful Awful" - GIGAZINE

A printer born with the idea of ​​reversing to set on paper "Stack" - GIGAZINE

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Study to revive the extinct phantom zebra, Quagga «WIRED.jp

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"Mother of Pecoros" Mitsuo Okano To the model of the dead cartoon: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Concern about "Galileo" satellite orbit outage NHK News

CNN.co.jp: Space X reusable rocket exploding during flight experiment

The painful news (No ∀ `): 【China】 The head of cobra which had been cut off for 20 minutes bit snake chef, death of cook - livedoor blog

Ministry of Justice "Companies hire more spouses, give money of 720,000 yen as incentive": Money News 2 ch

Graduate student death arresting police officer under temporary exemption due to hiking funeral Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department - MSN Sankei News

Kaze mimi: 25 school buildings are consolidated into 7 bases by organizing themselves due to declining birthrate - Mainichi Newspapers

【Awesome! Nippon Key Tech] Vending machine Japan Coca-Cola + (1/3 page) - Continuous cooling without using electricity during the day - MSN Sankei News

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Reporters' Eyes - Which is useful for free online storage: ITpro

Discovered that the administrator of Wallos BOT who burned in 2013 is WebTechAsia of viral media BUZZNEWS | netgeek

Talk that the basic royalties have changed to "3 yen" when you change to au: っ っ ち の ブ ロ ッ ク by @ tanocchi

Mr. Sora of Dada leaked girls retirement in Solanaort - Hagex-day info

"Inxi" command to get detailed information on Linux hardware | Memorizing memorandum ~ something various ~

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Listen to the waves / Hiromaki Shimura episode 1 "I will not forgive you" - Morning / Afternoon · Evening Joint Web comic site Moai

Original animation "Yuki Yuuna is a brave man" PV - YouTube

News - TOKYO MX et al. Started "Anime Portal Project" from September, Utilizing Speech Recognition Application: ITpro

Tokyo rice "Tokyo painting" - Weekly Young Jump Official Site

"Della Beppin" August 1996 issue P. 54 Eva feature articleIt is an original story.

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English movie director · actor R · Attenborough dies, Academy Award picture in 'Gandhi' 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

Beginning ball formula summary by the day-ham legend: Polly breaking

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"Cup noodle birthday memorial package" series 4 items (released on September 8) | Nissin Food Group

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