What is the result of investigating the culture "When you come typhoon, eat croquette!"

Every time a typhoon comes on the net, there are cultures that eat croquettes for some reason, such as "croquettes when speaking of typhoons" and "croquettes bought!" The origin of this culture is the 2ch "2001"Landing countdown reading live threadOne of the live citizens said "It has been bought 16 croquette for just in case, I have already eaten three more," it is said that murmuring has begun. SuchThe typhoon has croquetteHow far is the culture that has spread? The infograph which GourNavi investigated is published to that.

Suspicious relationship between typhoon and croquettes? : I tried examining the relationship between croquette and typhoon with infographic - everyone's rice

Just by typing "typhoon croquette" on Twitter search, Yuru Character of Kamagaya City, Chiba Prefecture,Were you prepared for croquette? It is!And tweets and related tweets come out. Hash tags such as "# croquettes for typhoons" and "# typhoon croquettes" are born.

This culture does not stay on the net, and even at the supermarket it sells as "Typhoon is croquette !!" There is no doubt that the person who does not know the original story will be "Why croquette?"

To find the causal relationship between such typhoon and croquettes, we will compare the number of searches of the GourNavi search keyword "croquette" from August to October 2013, the number of "typhoon" searches on Google during the period, the actual typhoon occurrence times The following line chart was made. With the arrival of a large typhoon, you can see that the number of search for "croquette" is rising sharply as a result of GourNavi. However, if you search by Gourmet snacks, you will see a shop where croquettes can be eaten. Are typhoons blown, do you risk taking risks and going out to eat croquettes? The question remains ... ....

In Togycchi's blog, the result of listening to the neighboring croquette store is clarified.

Does sales of croquette grow on typhoon day? I've actually looked into - Tuguac

If you buy 16 croquettes according to the original story and eat it all, 13 to 14 pieces will reach the daily calorie intake (2200 kcal).

It is safe to buy a croquette as a typhoon's preparation, but in addition to ordinary potato croquettes, beef croquettes, curry croquettes, crab croquettes, croquettes, pumpkin croquettes, etc., there are many kinds, so let's be careful of overeatment.

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