SCEA takes class action suits as falsifying resolution on PR for games for PS4

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A game developed by Guerrilla Games subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and released as a launch title of PlayStation 4 from SCE is "KILLZONE SHADOW FALL". In addition to offline single player mode, multiplayer mode of online play was able to be played at 1080p (1920 × 1080), so I was hoping for expectation before launch, but users actually purchasing KILLZONE SHADOW FALL " It was revealed that class action lawsuit against Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) was filed as a multiplayer mode did not operate at the resolution as advertised.

Case 3: 14 - cv - 0 3530 - JCS Document 1
(PDF file)

Douglas Ladore living in California, who will represent a class action suit against SCEA. SCEA made a massive promotion of PS 4 in 2013, and KILLZONE SHADOW FALL chose it as one of the launch titles to appeal its performance. According to Mr. Ladore, SCEA was pushing forward the point of "realizing native 1080p in multiplayer mode" at the promotion which was done before the release of KILLZONE SHADOW FALL.


Of the game siteGamingBoltWas held in New York on February 20, 2013PlayStation Meeting 2013At the time when Mr. Herman Hulst, developer and developer of KILLZONE SHADOW FALL, president and representative director of the guerrilla games appearedarticleI am doing it. Among them, "KILLZONE SHADOW FALL was committed to be the first title of PS 4 which operates at native 1080p," summarized President Hulst's remarks.

Also, the official magazine of PlayStationOfficial PlayStation MagazineWas published inKILLZONE SHADOW FALL developer interviewSo, the game director Steven Ter Heide said, "The previous work was 720p, but now the work will work at 1080p, this is a big difference from the previous work."

Furthermore, on November 2, 2013, SCEA's social media manager Sid Shuman wroteOfficial blog postCheck that "KILLZONE SHADOW FALL multiplayer mode operates at native 1080p · 60fps" is stated. An explanation about the resolution of multiplayer mode was added at the end of the blog, but this was added after March 2014, KILLZONE SHADOW FALL was released.

And two weeks before the launch of KILLZONE SHADOW FALL SCEA played the movie that contained the multiplayer mode of the gamePublic on the official blog. You can download a movie in your blogLink to page"As you can see by watching the movie, Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer mode realized native 1080p · 60fps" is written. Receiving the release of the movie,PolygonYaVideoGamer,EngadgetIT related internet media such as Killzone Shadow Fall published articles on multiplayer mode.

You can check the movie that contains the multiplayer mode of Killzone Shadow Fall released on the official blog below.

Killzone Shadow Fall: Ultra High Bitrate Multiplayer Footage - YouTube

Mr. Ladore points out not only to PR before the release. Mr. Ladore stuck the back image of the package of KILLZONE SHADOW FALL in the documents submitted to the court. From that image, as a technical specification of the game in the package "1080p HD VIDEO OUTPUT"It can be clearly confirmed that it is stated.

According to Ladore, game developers are paying particular attention to the technical specifications behind the package, and the game's resolution is not always 1080p "InFAMOUS Second Son", As shown in the image below"HD VIDEO OUTPUT 480p · 720p · 1080i · 1080pIt is stated that it is described as ".

"Based on these series of PRs and technical details behind the package, Ladore has claimed that 2 million users have purchased KILLZONE SHADOW FALL," he said.

However, after the launch of KILLZONE SHADOW FALL, many complaints about the resolution of the multiplayer mode were sent from the purchaser over the Internet, and one user said "KILLZONE SHADOW FALL's multiplayer mode has the same graphic as the previous work in the multiplayer modeBlurCan be confirmed. It is the worst. "Bulletin boardPosted on.

In response to complaints from users Kiorzone Shadow Fall's producer Poria Torkan saidArticles about graphicspublish. Torkan says, "Both single player and multiplayer are running at 1080p / 60fps without upscaling.The word native is often defined as an image without upscale, according to that definition native 1080p · 60fps However, multiplayer uses the technique called time correlation re-projection.Three correlation re-projection is reconstructed by dividing by multiple low resolution frames and creates 1080p image Technology.If the word native means that all pipelines are 1080p, time correlated re-projection is not native. "

In addition, "Continue to do our best to take responsibility for the accuracy of the words we send," at the end of the article, "Time-correlation reprographic technology has similar results to native 1080p It brought me down, and shortened development speed "It was written.

Ladore said, "Native 1080p and 1080p achieved by time correlated reprojection are not the same.We do not recognize that multiplayer mode of KILLZONE SHADOW FALL is the same as 1080p that SCEA had PR PR That's why we decided to take the lawsuit this time. Attention will be gained on how SCEA will respond to litigation in the future.

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