Headline news on August 7, 2014

Seven - Eleven today from Thursday, August 7, "Seven - Eleven × Evangelion Strategy"It was started. When purchasing products targeted for the campaign, you can get "Seven-Eleven Limited Evangelion Noodles", "The best lottery Evangelion New Theatrical Version ~ PROJECT EVA RACING ~"Ayanami Lei & Formula Wave · Asuka · Langley & Makinami · Mari · Illustrious Eva Racing Ver. Figures are hit by 23 cm in height. The campaign period is until August 31, but already sold out Human Scale Evangelion first machine (limited to 25 first-come, first-served basis) with 1,836,000 yen including tax. The first lot is the arrival in the evening, so maybe I do not have time to set as much as I want ... ....

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Portable solar power generation unit "Forty 2" arrived so I actually used it under the sun - GIGAZINE

Movie which was a marvelous degree of completion when I actually made the CG character "WALL-E" - GIGAZINE

A rifle that all parts were outputted with a 3D printer withstands up to 14 shots in a bullet shot - GIGAZINE

"Steve Jobs building NeXT" chasing Steve Jobs who just founded NeXT - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
To be afraid of Ebola hemorrhagic fairly correctly - (1) Does not it infect air? - About small friends around you

Doctors and nurses who collapse with Ebola fever - 15% of the dead in Liberia - WSJ

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Unusual for ions? Consumption tax increase countermeasure delayed by super sluggishness before the deficit, dark cloud in the metropolitan area coalition | Business Journal

The JCB card proactively advanced to Russia where VISA cards became unusable due to economic sanctions! By the end of 2014 we will partner with a major Russian bank. - Credit card reading

Male doctor appointed Kyoto district court naked defense of women naked in spiritual appraisal: Kyoto Shimbun

Mr. Sasai "Betrayal Leak" behind the tragedy "Mail exposure with Mr. Osho" | East Sports Web - Tokyo Sports newspaper

Liberty: arrested articles in search, male losing Yahoo appeal - Mainichi Newspaper

One push type insect repellent notice calling NHK News

Free research, to train GO railway companies, for elementary school students: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Bed town turning from "going to sleep" to "bedridden": Nikkei Business Online

Worst site location ranking created www: philosophy news nwk

Pictures taken with a pinhole camera (such as individual differences and methods to shoot beautifully)

Graffiti on Fuji climbing road Red sprays "INDONESIA" 9th st - MSN Sankei News

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Voice of doubt on the fees of Lancers! Is it? - Togetter Summary

"When asking Lancer for work at 10000 yen"

· Lancer 10000 yen + 800 yen (tax)
· Lancers 2000 yen (fee 20%) + 160 yen (tax)

Is payment total 12960 yen?

If the current lancer side enters it at 10000 yen, the total payment will be 13500 yen.

To those who are considering Amazon Affi on Twitter! After passing through the examination, it seems necessary to prepare because it is impossible to change / modify the account name · icon · profile

News - Japanese input software for iOS 8 "Simeji" is under development, get the latest screen and information: ITpro

Person who is self-described Comiket summary (@ Qoowan_), exposing false habits and burning fire "The battle for the grand tournament is not allowed" - Togetter Summary

Thank you so far "ifconfig" | Tutinoko blog

Wikipedia, two criticizing criticisms on judgment of "forgotten right" International news: AFPBB News

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Suzuki producer, denying Ghibli "demolition" theory, at the live program: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In live appearance on NHK's morning information program "Asahichi", he said "Although it is said that" Jiburi dismantling "is reported in some reports, the point is to change the way of making (anime at Ghibli))" Dismissal "theory.

He also revealed to Miyazaki Hayao, "I am talking about making short stories."

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"Although it was sunny but suddenly Dawn" Aichi, a high threat from a lightning strike 2 Asahi Shimbun Digital

BBC News Magazine Comment on "Sakamoto Kyu" Let's walk up "coming to" 20 songs that changed the world "- YAMDAS current update history

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Ezaki Guriko, "Adult's Rich Soup" and

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