Although it is possible to cool Core i 7 with no fan, a hi-tech heat-sink emerges no matter how you look

For cooling high-performance CPUs such as Intel Core i7 and high-end GPUs, a metal heat sink such as copper or the like is brought into contact with the chip and the heat sink is cooled by a fan, and the noise of this fan is desktop PC · notebook It causes beeping sounds of PC etc, and plagues many people. However, it seems that you can completely cool the PC CPU / GPU chip with complete silence "Looks like" a fly-out heat sink "SilentPower"Was developed.

SilentPower - SilentPower - Der Beste seiner Art.

This is "SilentPower". It is growing aloof from the top of black PC.

Tawashi Heat sink is made of copper, it has succeeded in remarkably increasing the surface area by three-dimensionally forming the wire into a sponge-like shape and improving the cooling efficiency, and the surface temperature does not exceed 50 ℃ under normal use. And fanless cooling of Core i 7 4785 T + NVIDIA GTX 760 of 4th generation Intel Core processor (Haswell) is also possible at once. Because it is fanless, of course it is silence.

Tongs type heat sink SilentPower is a German startup companySilentPowerTowards commercialization at presentCloud Funding ProjectOngoing. Under the aim of 45,000 euros (about 6.2 million yen) by February 28, 2015, we are seeking investment, and according to the contribution amount, a small PC equipped with SilentPower + Core i7 4785 T + NVIDIA GTX 760 will be shipped. With an investment of 699 euro (approximately 96,000 yen), 8GB memory · 500GB SSD model, 16GB memory · 500GB SSD model with investment of 769 euros (about 106,000 yen) · 1159 euro (about 160,000 yen) contribution With 16 GB memory · 1 TB SSD model can be obtained.

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