Ultra compact refrigerator that can be cooled inside a laptop computer that is secure even in a hot summer

Various attempts have been used to cool the PC itself, such as "air cooling" to cool the PC with the wind of the fan, "water cooling" to cool down the personal computer with liquid, but it can be cooled inside the notebook computer It seems that ultra small refrigerators are being developed.

In addition to being able to efficiently cool, in addition to being compact enough so that the refrigerator main body can be built in the notebook PC, it is saved that there is no need to use an unreasonable method such as "cooling the computer main body in a large refrigerator" .

Details are as follows.
Tiny refrigerator taking shape to cool future computers

According to this article, a researcher at Purdue University in Indiana, USA is developing an ultra small refrigerator that can be installed inside a notebook computer. Unlike conventional cooling systems that combine a heat sink and a fan, this would dramatically cool the PC body, Professor Susie E. Goodson and others said.

This is the development scenery.

Incidentally, miniaturization of compressors etc. is the key to developing an ultra small refrigerator, but as a result that the calculation model for designing a coin size compressor is effective by experiment is available, it is possible to create a prototype And that.

Although it seems that it takes time to commercialize from the viewpoint of cost as well, this technology is supposed to appear in the future and cools computer chips that generate 10 times more heat than what is currently on sale It is supposed to be needed for.

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