I have polished my driving skill while enjoying with a real racing simulator that I can experience from 2000 yen

If you are a fan of cars or a car race, I think that you have long admired to drive a racing car. In the past it was a racing car experience that had only had to spend a lot of budget, but in the present era when the computer evolved it became possible to obtain a level of experience that is quite real if you use a simulator that runs on a circuit reproduced with CG It was.

"But it's expensive, is not it?" Although it is a world of simulators that gets injured, "Tokyo Virtual Circuit(TVC) "was to be able to experience a full-scale simulator experience at a reasonable price from 2000 yen, so I decided to visit the TVC Osaka store and experience what it is actually.

Osaka store | Tokyo Virtual Circuit

What is Tokyo Virtual Circuit | Tokyo Virtual Circuit

Arrived at Tokyo Virtual Circuit and Osaka branch. The store is located on the 2nd floor of the building whose first floor is a sports car dealer.

There was also a signboard for "TVC Virtual Circuit".

Climb the stairs and proceed to the second floor.

When I opened the door I flew into my eyes when I saw the sight of the circuit that was reflected on a huge screen full of screens. From this characteristic Ferris wheel, you can see that it is descending from the last corner of Suzuka Circuit to the home straight. It got nailed to the scene which blows while echoing the sound of the engine.

It is from the following movie as to running. Racing gloves and shoes are indispensable as serious simulators, but rental is also possible.

GP 2 machine blows up Suzuka at "Tokyo Virtual Circuit / Osaka Store"

The car body that was installed to cut into such a huge screen is exactly the racing car itself. There is no reason why the mood does not raise because it is said to get on and maneuver into this.

Steering wheel with various buttons arranged. The LED arranged at the top is a real thing that actually turns on depending on the engine speed and tells the timing of the gear shift. The gear shift is of course the type that operates the paddle behind the steering wheel.

The cockpit part that will get on as lying down low. In the scene itself that I was watching on TV F1 broadcasting and magazines etc, the tension seems to runaway at this point.

A state of the cockpit seen from the driver's point of view. It was a monocoque of the type where the butt is at the lowest position and the toe that operates the pedal is lifted, as the realm of the modern formula machine.

The pedal that grows from the floor is also a 2 pedal formula that is common sense of the modern racing car here as well. Of course, operate the brake pedal with the left footLeft foot brakeIs required. The pedal surface is subjected to anti-slip processing.

This monocoque is designed based on the shape of a real F1 machine. A huge motor that controls the weight and movement of the steering wheel is attached to the monocoque at the right end of the photo.

Three projectors that project images on the screen.

At the heart of the simulator is BritainBase PerformanceIntroduced the company's system. It is a full-scale simulator running around the world and you can get a very full-fledged simulation experience.

Mr. Kanji Tanaka, an instructor at TVC Osaka store, explains the car models that can be experienced. Stepping up from the racing cart to the formula machine, the formura Enjoy series has the career of entering the third place in the first year of participating in the series, the sense of the theoretical problem solving of driving has been found by Mr. Sunagi of TVC Tokyo store , He was selected as an instructor of TVC Osaka store. It is the Aston Martin Vantage GT 4, FR car on the screen.

It is possible to choose different types of drive system, this is RR carPorsche 911 GT 3(997).

Perfect for Formula BeginnersFormula Renault.

And this time, I tried challenging recklessly is the fastest racing car in the world except for the highest peak F1 machineGP 2Machine. Although it is a downgraded class of F1, it is a class machine with the performance that it can run faster than the late F1 machine.

Once you have decided on the class, I will get into the machine anywhere. Once you like racing, that longs longing, that movement that puts your hand on a monocoque and slides your body.

Originally it is not necessary, but wearing a harness (seatbelt) in spite of feeling elevated. I can not install it myself, so Mr. Tanaka will help him. Although original helmet is also unnecessary, this time, it is attached to attach GoPro for photography.

First let's get used to the course and machineAccustomed drivingI started running by myself. On the screen you can see the start from the pit.

"Suzuka runs in and out, it will show us the strength! (HoweverGran TurismoFrom the movie below it looks like she just started running in spirit. On the contrary to the feeling, it is embarrassing that the accelerator is not stepped on, the brake halfway, halfway on the track, stepping on the track, overrunning at the end of the phrase and further spinning. Gran Turismo also has quite a full-fledged simulator performance, but the world was still different from what is playing at home in general.

At the Tokyo Virtual Circuit Osaka store's simulator, the Suzuka Circuit will be on the GP 2 machine first

Mr. Tanaka looking at driving behind the struggle. We look out to each driving operation and we will identify problems one after another. I tried experiencing the "training course" which raises the racing driver this time, but first the instructions will jump to engrave a "base wrap" which is the basis of my running by repeated laps at a certain time.

On the monitor in front of Mr. Tanaka, steering pedal operation, vehicle speed, engine speed, etc. are displayed in real time in a clear way. This is horrible.

Where I am running thinking, "Haa, huh, this is ... ... ha ha, huh ... ...."

The point where the maximum merit by practicing by the simulator can point out and modify by stopping the drive anytime, anywhere. When spinning or erroneous operation, Mr. Tanaka asked "Mr. ○ ○, do you know what is the current run?", The driver is required to think anyway. This "thoughtful driving" was proposed by TVC "Thought circuit training"Which is important to the operation of the car" things to think "will be drawn into thoroughly.

As a result, the driver always keeps track of what operation the user himself /Traveling memoryIt is required to have. Clearly this is quite a hurd for drivers without experience, but it was a training content that made me realize that this stacking is necessary to realize fast driving.

Sometimes, explanation of line removal is done using a laser pointer.

Ten thousand minutes to keep running while receiving such numerous points. In the meantime, starting with how to step on the brake from the way you step on the brake, including how to put in your gaze, "To realize this run at this corner, you have to make this kind of movement this time in the previous corner" I was taught to thinking to make runs with the inversion method of seeds, to think. Even if it is natural for professional racing drivers, this was a big experience for just like car reporters like reporters.

The following movie was changed after such training. Changes are appearing in various aspects such as entry of corners, breaking, how to drop gears, how to overcome curbstones. Especially as a result of accelerator work at the S-shaped corner, it seems that it is a big change on your own that the front was able to turn in comfortably as "Front" to the corner as the load was sufficiently on the front tire.

Attack at Suzuka Circuit with GP2 machine with simulator of Tokyo Virtual Circuit and Osaka Store

A movie of Mr. Tanaka running the same course under the same conditions. Although all actions are being operated on an ongoing basis, when you try it yourself, it makes me realize that difficulty is even this one.

Tokyo Virtual Circuit Osaka (TVC Osaka) GP 2 Suzuka Circuit

After driving, we started drinking delicious time using data logger while drinking delicious ice coffee.

MoTeCBased on various graphs displayed from the data obtained from the data logger system of Mortech, we will compare it with model running.

"Here, Mr. Tanaka points out that this is a wasteful way of running." A data logger is a terribly wonderful tool that will truly show all problems.

At this time the reporter's lap time was 1 minute 46 second half. It was quite a run for me as a person, but the time I got in a demonstration run by Mr. Tanaka is one minute and a half second. From Mr. Tanaka as a reporter says, "I can not understand what time will change if I change ... ..." reply from the eyes from the eyes saying "The answers are all listed when I see this graph." Certainly there is a clear difference between the two data, so it was a moment encouraging that "You can get faster if you fill it out!"

It is now a simulator that the active F1 driver is also adopting training, but the wave seems to be generalized. This user is still young in the late teens, in fact the experience of the racing car including the racing cart is almost zero. Next fiscal yearSuzuka Circuit Racing SchoolIn preparation for admission to SRS (Social Science and Technology (SRS)), we started training with a simulator to rectify bad habits and to conduct training aiming at actual exams, and now we are in the era of "running with a spirit!" It was an episode that made us realize that we are finished.

In the most convenient course "TVC Challenge", it is possible to experience a full-scale simulator at a price of 2000 yen per person, so it may be best for people who would like to try it for the time being. Measurement with Fuji Speedway It is a content that aims at target time with 5 laps of time attack, but analysis of logger data and demonstration of instructor etc can not be used. Even in the "Experience Training Course" which will be 5000 yen per person, we will run at Fuji Speedway, but here we can receive advice from the analysis of logger data, which means that the way of thinking will change even this alone.

And, in the most authentic "regular training course", you can choose your favorite circuit and run, you can compare and check the differences from professional running on the logger data. Also, because you can take the logger data with USB memory, you can also review at home to connect to the next run. The usage fee is 10,000 yen in 30 minutes, there is no restriction on the number of people.

Besides that there are times when you have a great deals plan, so you may want to check the website, Facebook page, etc.

Rates | Tokyo Virtual Circuit

From the driver who enjoys driving the car to the person who is trying to jump into the world of the race seriously, it was a simulator that seems to give great advantage. If you are a type of person who feels pleasant in running, you will certainly be able to experience new discoveries.

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