Broken parts broke down from the air conditioner and started to fall so I asked for repairs Report

Although the air conditioner of Daikin works properly, suddenly the louver part on the front sounds silky and sounds, it breaks down from the top, falls apart from the top, and the parts are falling apart and the meaning is unknown and it is a very bizarre way of breaking. Although the brain ceased to work, "Please do not leave me like this! If you do not have a firm mind!" The phone call for repairDaikin Contact CenterThen it got into a horrible condition that liquid began to leak out of the air conditioner further during the telephone call, and now I do not know what it is.

Immediately after this is broken. As you can see, the part on the right side of the louver is broken and it will not close

It is not closing, or as you can see, as you can see, it is due to the fact that the part of the part that moves the louver grips is broken. There is no place to grab.

Looking at another place it looks something like this, the fixtures that are obviously not to be seen are exposed

You can see it by dive into the bottom and compare it with the right side, but the part of the place where it should be broken and it disappears somewhere

"Daikin Contact Center"Since it is a request for a business trip repair so that it is a request for a business trip repair, press" * "" 1 "according to the automatic voice, since it is repair of the room air conditioner, continue" * "" 8 "and explain the circumstances to the operator. At the stage where the model name "AN22LRS-W" · telephone number · address · name was conveyed, the previous repair history was read aloud and it means "This is the model you've repaired before?", So that it is correct As I told you, during the phone calling "Potatata!" Began to sound, and in the end it was like this.

Leakage state. what the hell. When I told the phone entrance, "That, right now, it is starting to leak oh ...." I decided to come tomorrow with haste.

Until when I looked at it, there are a lot of leaks starting from the part that was about "dew condensation?"

Looking at a movie like this.

Daikin's air conditioner breaks and liquid starts to leak - YouTube

These are the ones that picked up the falling parts. I summarize it in a bag for the investigation of Daikin.

Too broken


It's too big

So the next day the repair came from the morning. First of all check outdoor unit.

And indoor unit. However, it is said that it is impossible to imagine a lot of breaks, it is a reprint, "I can not repair it with the parts of the hand ... ...", it will be a revisit from procuring parts parts and wait for two more days.

So after two days, two repairers visited, removed the cover and started repairing

I am bare.

Meanwhile, preparation on the rooftop outdoor unit side also started. Digital charging scale "RCS-02"

TASCO's pump

It connects to a tube with a meter, an outdoor unit and a pump and sees pressure and so on

The service panel on the outdoor unit side was removed

Discover refrigerant

I will use "R - 410 A", about 1.2 kg of refrigerant to use

Ready to connect refrigerant

On the other hand, the indoor unit gets out everything with this feeling

The main body was also removed

Take it to the first floor.

Because there is a high possibility that the cake is par with everywhere because liquid is applied, exchange all but the board.

Redoing wiring

The air conditioner which has been reborn as new as all parts are exchanged everything in front

During installation, rattling

As the position has been fixed, also change the putty of the pipe part with the outside

Rolling to the lower right is putty, tape, etc. various from the hole

Finally, repair completed! Almost everything new condition. However, in the case of an air conditioner, the body can be said to be an outdoor unit.

Since this repair was also a refrigerant relation, it was free within the warranty period. When you look at the parts you use you will find that you are replacing various things. I just pray that I will survive this summer without breaking any more.

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