McDonald's shines as "the worst hamburger" and KFC is chosen as "the worst chicken"

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Among the various fast food chain shops around the world, it is not an exaggeration to say that McDonald's is best known as a fast food shop specializing in hamburgers. However,Consumer ReportsConducted a survey on fast food restaurants for consumers, McDonald's, a hamburger specialist, said "The hottest hamburgers"It turned out that it was chosen as.

Best and Worst Fast-Food Restaurants in America - Consumer Reports

A survey conducted by Consumer Reports was conducted for 32,255 people and evaluated the taste of the hamburger by 10 points on the basis of the number of meals at the fast food restaurant of the subject to be surveyed up to 96,200. The survey was done not only for hamburgers but also for chicken.

The survey results on hamburgers are as shown in the graph below. McDonald's is the lowest among all 21 companies with 5.8 out of 10 points. Also, Wendy 's also opening in Japan is No. 14 with 6.8 points and Burger King is No. 19 with 6.6 points. The first place in the survey of hamburgers was "The Habit Burger GrillIt is a chain store that is not familiar in Japan in Japan.

The Habit Burger Grill is a hamburger chain that has more than 60 stores, mainly in California, uses a special grill to give a fragrant smell to patty, hamburger vegetables are fresh from the local farms I am using it. As McDonald's does not expand worldwide, as a business it will be smaller than McDonald's but the chain store sticking to quality and taste was chosen as No. 1.

The results of the survey of chicken are as follows and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the most famous chicken chain in Japan, was selected as the lowest among the eight companies. Store other than Kentucky Fried Chicken has become a chain store that you do not see much in Japan. No. 1Chick-fil-AIs the second largest chicken and fast food chain in the United States, using only breast meat not containing any additives, cooked foods already cooked in the kitchen for each store rather than delivered from the factory It is said that.

The results of the survey show that dishes of super-famous chain shops that are open to shops in Japan are also disadvantaged. However, the dishes offered at McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan are not exactly the same as those offered in the US, so if similar investigations are done in Japan, similar results will be obtained Not necessarily.

However, in Japan, TV Asahi will be appointed in October 2013, people called professional foods will review the Japanese fast food chain hamburgers2nd Hamburger & Retort Food General ElectionImplementation. The result was Mos Burger's "Mos Burger" the first place, Freshness Burger's "Classic Cheese Burger" the second place, Mos Burger's "Moss vegetable burger aurora sauce tailoring" became the third place. The participating companies in the general election of hamburgers were Wendy's Burger King, Freshness Burger, Mos Burger, Lotteria, McDonald's did not go out.

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