New carrier "Wy Mobile" New service · New product launch meeting will be reported from the site, what will come out?

EAccess and WILLCOM will merge, and from July 1, 2014 a new career "Wyomobile"Was born. Wyom mobileIt is acquired by Yahoo and becomes "Y! Mobile"There was also a story saying that, eventuallyStock acquisition by Yahoo! ceasedWell, in the futureAnnouncement to collaborateAlthough it was done,On July 11, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications reconsidered the allocation criteria for next-generation mobile phones so postponement to next-generation mobile phones will be postponedIt is supposed to be done. It is Wyomi 's impression of something frustrating before the birth of a career,Smaho flat rate plan less than half of major carriersThere are also rumors that you are preparing, what kind of new services and new products will you release all the while? We will update historical moments in real time from local recital.

Y! Mobile

Mobile Mobile Communications · Internet

The venue is Conrad Tokyo in Shiodome.


Wai Mobile's new service · new product presentation is here.

Discovering a journalist staggered along the stairs.

There was a logo of "Y! Mobile" in front of the venue of the recital.

When entering the venue, the logo on the stage is full of "Y! Mobile". It is a level that I mistake the Yahoo! logo as feeling when it looks good.

· 2014/07/17 12: 46
People gradually gathered.

· 2014/07/17 12: 52
In addition, the number of people increased, and it was fully occupied a few minutes before the start of the recital.

· 2014/07/17 13: 08
The recital started.

In everyone's hand, Y! The power of.

Both mega carriers so far are different from LCC, which only requires cheapness.

Y! Mobile

After the movie at the beginning of the movie was over, President Eric Gun of Wy-Mobile arrived.

· 2014/07/17 13: 16
The smartphone holding rate in Japan is still more than in the world.

We are aiming to improve this possession rate by Y! Mobile starting from August 1.

Business area

Wycombe, the predecessor of Wyomobile, provided a fixed original call charge.

PHS specialized in calling debuts on Y! Mobile.

PHS comes with 4 models in the fall model together.

Original data flat-rate service that e-Access had provided ... ...

Pocket Wi - Fi 303 HW is responsible.

Operable with touch panel

Also equipped with a TV tuner

The real thing is kore.

· 2014/07/17 13:25
About Y! Mobile smartphone business.

First is STREAM S 302 HW smartphone with a thickness of 6.8 mm and a lightness of 110 g.

The real machine is this.

The second is waterproofing, dustproofing and falling drop impact compliant, DIGNO T 302 KC which also supports high speed 4 G with Yahoo latest application installed.

STREAM S 302 HW will be on August 1, DIGNO T 302 KC will be released in September.

And the new price plan for smartphone

Analyze current issues before

· 2014/07/17 13: 31
It is difficult to understand how hard it is to pay how much if you use the current smartphone rate plan.

As a solution to this, prepare an easy-to-understand plans like drink size S · M · L.

There are three new price plans for smartphones as follows. Sumahopran S can use from 2980 yen per month, up to 1 GB, Plan M up to 3 GB at 3980 yen, Plan L from 5980 yen to 7 GB is all you can use.

Looking at other carrier's plans, it became necessary to make three sets of call flat rate, WEB connection fee, and packet flat rate, and it was necessary to pay a fee of at least 6500 yen a month at a minimum. However, it is very easy to understand that Y! Mobile's plan will be available from 2980 yen in all.

In addition to the S · M · L plan, if you want to use a lot of phone calls, you can add 'Super fixed even with flat' as an option plus 1000 yen.

Sumahopran S / M / L will start service from August 1, 2014.

Yahoo! Cooperation Service

Yahoo! related service will be available with basic usage fee of 0 yen.

Furthermore, collaboration between telecommunications business and OTT business

Packet mileage

The more you use the Yahoo! service, the more packets will be added and you will be able to do the data communication for free.

If you log in to Yahoo for the fifth consecutive day, you will receive a maximum of 200 miles of mileage.

Packet mileage which becomes more profitable if you use Yahoo also starts on August 1, 2014.

Y! Mobile debuts August 1, 2014.

· 2014/07/17 14:50
The contents of Q & A response was added.

Oriental Economy Tanabe (Tanabe):
I think that there was a Yahoo cooperation service available for free and a packet mileage service, but I think that the user who is transferring to smaho from now is a user who does not know these services lately because of late majority Do you think so? I think that the second point was that capital was transferred to Yahoo, please tell me about the circumstances that this was gone.

Hiroyuki Terio COO (Terao):
Heavy users think that it is a user who can choose services to use by themselves. On the contrary, I think that late majority people do not know how to use the service, so I think that it is important to provide more and more services from here. I think that the person of Yahoo! cooperation is the first step, I would like to continue providing services that people of Late Majority can use more and more.

Eric Gunn (Eric):
We are not parties, but both Yahoo Japan and Softbank are listed companies and internal corporate governance is solid. In the capital tie-up, it is very complicated how the business relationship will become afterwards, and capital alliance will be forced to be sent off thinking that various problems will arise in future business relations think.

I think that the service announced this time also has the idea of ​​wearing with Softbank.

I thought about various things we wanted to realize with Yahoo members, but as it is not in the form of capital tie-ups it can be fully achieved, and capital will try to realize the service more than anything else I decided to steer. Since we are outsiders, I think that if you ask more about Yahoo's public relations than this.

Freelance Magchi:
About SIM free. Although Nexus 5 in the era mobile era was released as SIM free, it was impressive, but will this terminal become SIM free? Secondly, I think that there was explanation that centering around Android terminal in the past, will Windows Phone terminals come out in the future, how is it consistent with the soft line mobile terminal terminal in the future Please explain whether you will go on.

We will continuously offer SIM-free products that we have released until now. Regarding the new models of STREAM S and DIGNO T, DIGNO T is currently locked due to various problems, but STREAM S is scheduled to be released as SIM free. Basically, it is ideal that all terminals are provided by SIM free, and if users insert SIM card overseas, they can easily use the terminal. Secondly, although products have become Android centric so far, I would like to consider various OS and terminals from now on.

Newsletter, Hashimoto:
Although the first point is a detailed point, although there is a price plan S / M / L this time, what is the price with consumption tax? The second point is to review the group at the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, and think that if Mr. Softbank applies for 4G license, it will be difficult for Ms. Wyomobile to obtain a license, but please tell us about the strategy on that 4G.

All rates are written in tax. In the second story, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications's plan to open 3.5 GHz is progressing, but it is difficult for group companies to raise hands together. However, we want to receive an additional 1.7 GHz earlier than 3.5 GHz.

Freelance, of:
I had a story of aiming at Late Majority, but I think that this is to strengthen the support side, but I think that there is support at the store or a fee, but which neighborhood Do you think so?

We are considering two solutions for support. In the era of e-access selling PocketWi-Fi, I think that this was more difficult to use than the current product. On the other hand, eAccess offers a service called wide support, and the motto of this support center is "Do not say no", and I have thoroughly studied and answered any questions. I think that we can also support smartphones using this support center. In addition to that, there are about 1,000 shops nationwide, so we are planning to support customers even here.

Wide support is very popular, we will support until you do not know how to attach a TV antenna.

Mainichi Newspaper, Yokoyama:
From now on I would like to capture people to switch to smartphones, how can I differentiate from the cheap smartphone of home appliance mass retailers like AEON who is appearing this year, and the other 3 major carriers How do you analyze the fact that after all it has become a similar plan.

Many cheap SIMs are out, but there are many products specialized in data. And if you look closely well it is something with some limitation. However, our rate plan is very easy to understand and you can use the phone and data. The plan of the three major companies happens to be the same at the lowest fee when listening to the conversation at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. that's strange. We can recommend it to something when you want to use only 1 GB for people who use smartphone for the first time from now on.

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