'WiMAX 2+ service launch party' is like this, started at 110 Mbps speed and to 1 Gbps in 2017

With the allocation of the new frequency in the 2.5 GHz band, we will start offering a new service WiMAX 2+It is UQ Communications which I announced, but since it is about 10:30 on September 30 that "WiMAX 2+ service announcement meeting" will be done, we will perform live relaying & real time updating from the venue etc.

※ Live live end

WiMAX 2+ Finally starting! September 30 (Monday) 10:30 am Press conference live broadcast | UQ WiMAX

KDDI Hall located in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

When I entered, I was guided to the second floor with a small signboard.

And when you go to the back ... ...

Arrived at the entrance of the venue where the WiMAX 2+ service presentation will be held.

Parapara people gathered.

· 2013/09/30 10:16
Waiting for start.

· 2013/09/30 10:39
Movie started, recital started

President Nogasaka

Presentation will proceed like this

Background and purpose of introducing WiMAX 2+

WiMAX currently has 4.26 million users and there is no bandwidth limit

· 2013/09/30 10:45
Customer satisfaction NO.1

Purpose of introducing WiMAX 2+ for capacity expansion and acceleration in urban areas

Photos taken when the new frequency of 20 MHz is allocated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

With this new 20 MHz it is now possible to use the continuous 50 MHz frequency band

Features of WiMAX 2+

· 2013/09/30 10: 52
System configuration of WiMAX 2+

Expanding to continuous 50 MHz to enable mass traffic communication

Up to 220 Mbps to the industry fastest

WiMAX 2+ devices and services

WiMAX 2+ ultra high speed mobile broadband start

Ultra high-speed tribrid model Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2 + HWD 14 by HUAWEI

UQ WiMAX 2 + compatible touch-controllable Wi-Fi router haste photo review - GIGAZINE

2013/09/30 10: 53
A release was announced.

"Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2 + HWD 14" Wi-Fi router compatible with "WiMAX 2+" has appeared | UQ WiMAX - High speed mobile Internet with wireless broadband

Ultra high-speed mobile broadband service "WiMAX 2+" to be launched | UQ WiMAX - High speed mobile Internet with wireless broadband

◆ Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2 + HWD 14 (manufactured by Huawei)


· 2013/09/30 10: 57
Maximum downlink 110 Mbps, Continuous communication time about 9 hours or more, Continuous standby about 950 hours, size about 62 × 100 × 15.5 mm, weight about 140 g, battery 3000 mAh

Tribrid model with touch panel loading model, quick activation for about 5 seconds, wireless charging "Qi" correspondence, simultaneous connection number 10

· 2013/09/30 11: 06
Selectable from 3 modes and communication method

Non-limit mode has no limitation of communication speed, maximum speed down 40 Mbps, communication system can use WiMAX, 3880 yen per month

In high speed mode, WiMAX and WiMAX 2 + can be used as a communication method, speed limitation is 2 years unlimited use, then restriction of 7 GB per month is imposed. The fee remains 3880 yen a month.

The high speed plus area mode can use two communication methods of au 4G LTE and WiMAX 2 +. The monthly charge is 4935 yen and the monthly usage amount is 7 GB

Price mode for 3 modes

· 2013/09/30 11:12
2 years unlimited use

Areas of WiMAX 2 +

It is planned to expand the service area from Shibuya station where traffic is crowded and Akihabara station etc.

We plan to cover the Tomei Osaka area by the end of March 2014

And expand WiMAX 2 + to the nationwide area by the end of March 2015

About the corresponding area of ​​WiMAX 2 +, it will be notified in real time on the UQ homepage

WiMAX without speed limit, high-speed communication WiMAX 2 + up to 110 Mbps, au 4 G LTE with population coverage rate 97%, three communication services available Tribrid model

And suddenly Kanji Tanaka President of KDDI appeared

UQ I appeared WiMAX collaboration with au and quickly decimated

· 2013/09/30 11:30
Q & A session started

Will the price go up with the consumption tax increase tax?

Yes. It is such a schedule.

Freelance Shimada:
The question is whether there are three questions, whether the model change is prepared from the existing ones, the plan of the option currently being provided is there, and there is an option of the home type.

We are not thinking at the moment such as model change. Then Famiyaku Pack etc. are not SIM system from this time. I think that the home type is also interesting if it can be done in the future, but for now it is not.

Freelance Issi:
In this time high speed mode has a speed limit of 7 GB after 2 years, what do you think about whether there is no fear of being canceled two years later?

There seems to be discussion such as whether the communication speed limit of 7 GB is appropriate. Considering various situations such as various markets, I think that there are various things in two years after three years, but at present it is limited to 7 GB.

Nikkei Communication Horiguchi:
The first point starts service from October 31, but does the existing WiMAX terminal disappear from the shop? If so, are new models coming out? I just got an additional frequency band assigned, was it prepared in advance? The third point is about the idea of ​​area deployment of WiMAX 2 + this time.

As of October 31st of service start, the area is only Tokyo, so we plan to jointly sell other models. However, I do not know if it will last for ever. I would like to talk to the people concerned about the problem of only one model and try hard. And the second point is the frequency band I got just three months ago, but since we are developing an integrated base station of WiMAX and WiMAX 2 +, negotiation with the base owner is the owner of the building As soon as we are doing something like replacing the spot at once, in that sense it is still comfortable, but in terms of functionality there are parts that have become tougher if one increases, but at the end of the fiscal year I will do my best to work towards it. Regarding the third point FFI, it is roughly pointed out, but I will answer from the following Watanabe.

The third point is to point out that as you pointed out, 20 MHz will be deployed in a way that it is used repeatedly in frequency. The WiMAX 2 + system of this time has functions to suppress interference between systems, and in addition to that, it is planned to have a coordination function between base stations to suppress cell edge interference.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun Kaneko:
Is the timing of achieving the communication speed of 220 Mbps correct by understanding 2014? Is population coverage rate, is there schedule ahead of schedule?

It is written as March of 2014 in the opening plan, but I want to look at the development situation of the device. I would like to further advance the population coverage rate ahead of time.

Free Lighter Yamada Shohei:
I'd like to ask about SIM, but from this time I am signed up for SIM certification, can I use it for other companies as well? In short, whether SIM free or not.

I would like to think in UQ's equipment. Other companies are impossible at the moment. However, it seems likely to be an interesting development, so I'd like to think about the correspondence.

It corresponds to 3 bands, but if I withdraw that SIM, will WiMAX become useless now?

Since it corresponds to the authentication system, it can not be used.

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