EMOBILE new product & new service launch, compact smart phone EMONSTER lite (S12HT) has appeared

Since today's 14:30 that new products and new services of EMOBILE are announced, I relayed live commentary. This time a compact smartphone "EMONSTER lite (S12HT)"Was announced, and there were various besides that.

The state of the recital is as follows.
2008/06/10 14:11

2008/06/10 14:14
Participants' seats before the start

Screen of product / service presentation

2008/06/10 14:22
Nameplate of participants in attendance

2008/06/10 14:32
Classic mobile phone compatible with videophone H11 HW appeared
A compact smartphone EMONSTER lite (S12HT) appeared
EMOBILE international call started on 1st July
Can talk to major countries such as the United States, Central and South Korea at 36 yen / minute

2008/06/10 14:34
Youth support "u-29 campaign" started on June 20.
The minimum amount of data communication charges is 1000 yen per month, but it is from 0 yen.

2008/06/10 14:37
Details of EMONSTER lite.
Windows Mobile 6.0 installed. The liquid crystal is a 2.6-inch flat touch panel. Input interface adopting 10 key and TouchFLO. It supports 3.6 Mbps communication. Key input As the smartphone with the touch panel, the smallest in Japan, 15.8 mm.

2008/06/10 14:39
It has a 2 megapixel camera on the outside and a 100 thousand pixel camera on the inside, so it seems possible to make a videophone call.

2008/06/10 14:40
Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR compliant. Height 107 mm, width 55 mm, thickness 15.8 mm.

2008/06/10 14:41
Connection interface is miniUSB. Adopt microSD for recording media.

2008/06/10 14:42
EMONSTER lite is released late July.

2008/06/10 14:43
The classic mobile phone "H11HW" compatible with videophone can play music and video files copied from PC. It is also possible to enjoy with wireless headphones using Bluetooth.

2008/06/10 14:44
Outside camera (outside) has 2 million pixels, in camera has 300,000 pixels.

2008/06/10 14:45

2008/06/10 14: 47
The liquid crystal of "H11 HW" is 176 × 220. The resolution is quite low as the current mobile phone. It corresponds to microSD. The corresponding codec of H11HW is amazing. It corresponds to WAV (ADPCM), MIDI, MP3, AAC, AAC +, etc. Movie is MP4, 3GP, 3GP2.

2008/06/10 14:49
Provide a campaign to bring in installment sales to zero. Details of U-29 (youth cheering campaign).

For users who use it in combination with "subscribing assistance (monthly charge 1000 yen)" and "fixed rate pack 24 (monthly charge 980 yen)" in the "newly" contract to users under 20, Since it is 1,000 yen for the minimum of the data communication fee, if it is 98,000 yen discount, the place where it becomes 2980 yen when it is combined with the above is available at 1980 yen.

2008/06/10 14:52
The target is new users, users under the age of 29 at the time of purchase increase. The target models are EMONSTER and H11T, H11 HW. H11 HW got the idea of ​​design from Bugatti.

2008/06/10 14:55
The liquid crystal of EMONSTER lite is 2.6 inch QVGA liquid crystal.

2008/06/10 14:56
The H11HW 's one - time payment is 5980 yen.

2008/06/10 14:58
The charge of the video phone is 30 seconds 18.9 yen. The industry's lowest price.

2008/06/10 15:01

2008/06/10 15: 06

2008/06/10 15: 07
EMONSTER lite arranges the main body mobile-like like the concept as it is.

2008/06/10 15: 10
A TV crew such as TV Asahi has also come to a press conference.

2008/06/10 15:11

2008/06/10 15:12
HTC's David Kou is in a press conference

2008/06/10 15:14
Start question and answer

2008/06/10 15:15

2008/06/10 15:16
Not that "iPhone is over", but the powerful vendor emerges that the iPhone's monopoly will end.

2008/06/10 15:18
What is the difference from "HTC 1100" released from DoCoMo?

EMONSTER lite is thinner.

2008/06/10 15: 20

2008/06/10 15: 22
Question from Nikkei Newspaper:
I felt the intention of having users in a wider group use it, but what kind of users are assumed?

People who want to use a lot of telephone and communication, we assume 20 to 30 generations. I think that there are many men in their 30s.

Last year I mentioned 5 million subscribers at the time of service launch and 250-3 million joining of break-even points, but what about the response?

We are assuming 2 million subscribers in 2012.

2008/06/10 15:25
What is your view on communication speed competition with next generation PHS and so on?

Although I have not done experiments yet, I heard that HSDPA can increase to 40 to 80 Mbps at present. Speed ​​is being impossible unless it receives new frequency band from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and is talking. And we want to counter existing operators with fee and running cost. Although we are discussing WiMAX, HSDPA, LTE etc, obviously the mainstream movement in the world is HSDPA. We are considering updating existing ones (HSDPA in case of e-mobile).

2008/06/10 15:29
Questions from Nikkei Communication:
Does this model support roaming?

It does not correspond. Because the population coverage rate reaches 84%. DoCoMo's data roaming does not have much speed, so I'd like to maintain the base station on my own. I would like to aim for a population coverage rate of 90% within the year.

2008/06/10 15: 30
What are your plans for making international roaming available for mobile devices?

Because it is compatible with GSM, it is studying about setting international roaming fee.

2008/06/10 15:31
Is there a possibility that an iPhone comes out?

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2008/06/10 15:32
Q & A session is over, I will enter the photo session now.

2008/06/10 15:53
Because the mock was exhibited, during the shooting it, the live broadcast is over for the time being. Congratulations!

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