What is the shadow of the huge industry lurking behind the research that invented the concept of "stress" 80 years ago?

ByMike Hoff

In today's social environment that is said to be a stressful society called "stress society" in recent years, "stress" was advocated 80 years ago by Canadian physiologist Dr. Hans Serie and widely accepted all over the world It is a concept that came to be. Although it can be said that it is a common sense that there is a fear that the physical and mental impediments are caused by stress, it has become apparent that one gigantic industry contributed greatly to the research of Dr. Serie who gave rise to the stress theory.

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Hans-SerieIn the 1930s, he discovered that certain hormones increase in vivo by receiving unpleasant irritation from the outside, and I noticed that this hormone increase is the same regardless of the type of stimulus. In the medical community at the time, because the symptoms peculiar to each disease exist, the idea that it is important to identify the disease condition by finding out the difference was mainstream, for any unpleasant stimulus discovered by Dr. Serie Says that the same physiological phenomenon of the same hormonal increase caused even in the early days was not regarded as important.

However, Dr. Serier repeatedly researched about common reactions to this stimulus, published a paper in science journal Nature in 1936, and the word "stress" will be used also for psychosomatic diseases with this paper as a cue, It came to be recognized. At that time Dr. Serier prepared a number of rats and created stress by giving all kinds of uncomfortable stimulus (stressor) such as exposure to extreme outside temperature, fasting for a long time, pain by injection, and rat By examining the internal organs by dissecting, physiological responses such as increased adrenal cortex due to stress are found.

Dr. Serie took only 4 to 5 hours of sleep every day, most of the time he was immersed in the laboratory and immersed in the research of stress, and as a result, he wrote more than 1,500 papers and 15 scientific papers such as superhuman Leaving the results of the research, he reigned as authority of stress theory and fulfilled a brilliant research life.

The stress theory which originated from the study of Dr. Serie studied that the personality pattern called "type A behavior pattern" which is easy to feel stressed by Americans Meyer Friedman and Ray Roseman physician in the 1950s was proposed Have developed greatly and these studies have asserted the causal relationship between stress and illness and gradually became accepted as common sense as stress that stress is the cause of many diseases.

ByGiuseppe Savo

It was Dr. Serie who lay the foundation for such modern stress research, but the existence of a sponsor who backed up superhuman research strongly in terms of money has been disclosed.University of London Public Health Tropical Medicine Graduate School (LSHTM)Mr. Mark Pettikuru discovered that the tobacco company provides research funding to Dr. Serie in gathering the defense side material of the health damage case with the tobacco company. From the discovered material, it is said that the fact that the tobacco industry provided a large amount of research expenses in the majority of Dr. Serier's stress research.

As a result of further investigation, I discovered that not only Dr. Serie but many stress researchers are providing to the tobacco industry a large amount of research funding. "It is certain that Dr. Serie is a great scientist nominated ten times for the Nobel candidate, but ignoring the fact that it was in close cooperation with the tobacco industry, his If you talk about research on stress, you will not be standing at the facts. "

Petty Cree says that the aim of the tobacco industry to strongly back up stress researchers such as Dr. Serie and others in terms of finance was to counter health hazards caused by tobacco that was considered problematic at the time. Cancers and heart diseases that had been pointed out to be caused by smoking were to "distort the public" from tobacco by saying "it is caused by stress".

ByFried Dough

According to Mr. Petty Cruck, if we look at a few studies which assume that type A behavioral pattern is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in the coronary arteries, we found that these researchers were connected with the tobacco industry and received funding. We also know that a lawyer in the tobacco industry has checked the content of the researcher's paper and instructed wording and expression.

Mr. Petty Cree asked Philip Morris to comment on Dr. Serie and funded many studies on Type A behavior patterns, the company spokeswoman said, "All these studies were too long ago I can not answer because it is the one of the answer "There was an answer.

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