Police dog that finds USB memory and hard disk containing child pornography with odor

In the Rhode Island state police in the United States, using Golden Retriever's police dog Thoreau "Child porn(Child sexual abuse record) "Seems to have caught possession offenders, and that method is mysterious that Thoreau will discover" a storage medium such as a hard disk and a USB memory with child pornography saved " It is getting.

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Rhode Island police seems to be training police dogs to be able to find USB memory and hard disks, and as a result of this training, Thoreau is helping to discover the storage medium in which data was stored when child pornography was detected It is. "If Child pornography is stored in memory cards, Thoreau will be able to hunt this," said Adam Houston, a criminal actor of Thoreau.

Thoreau discovered USB memory that child pornography was preserved for the first time in June 2014. During the search for a house, Thoreau began sweeping around the desk and a hard disk in Zip Rock was found in the shelf above the desk.

Thoreau is keyed is "metal and component odor" used for storage media, and "child pornographic odor" does not exist.

Dogs have one million times more sensitive sense of smell than human beings, and it is possible to train so that various scents can be separated. In addition, according to the training, it is possible to even divide the optical disk's odor, and in fact the American Film Institute actually specifies "a place where copyrighted content is illegally stored or produced"Attempt to detect polycarbonate used for DVD with excellent smell of dogI am working on it.

Thoreau has been able to gather the odor of the storage medium by receiving training for detecting storage media at the Connecticut Police Training Academy for 22 weeks. During training, I also hit the location of the flash drive and USB memory so that I could hit it exactly where it was on the shelf. Because USB memory, memory card, compact flash etc. are palm-sized, it is very easy to hide in an invisible place, but as police dogs who received the same training as Thorough increase, even mini size storage media can be found easily It looks like it will be.

ByDaniel Livingstone

When training dogs to be able to cut off odors, wash their favorite toys of dogs neatly until they do not smell cleanly, so that they are going to prepare towels and so on that smell the odor of what you want the odor to stick in this is. This will cause the dog to misunderstand the odor of her favorite toy, so hide this toy in various places and train to discover it and find a toy as a reward as a reward , Or by giving either food, a single police dog will be completed.

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