"Toa heavy industries electronic characterization plan" to reproduce the font appearing in "Knight of Sydney" is canceled

Monthly afternoonIn a series workTV animation from April to June 2014It is,Second phase production is also decidedTsutomu Nibori who is the author of "Sidney's Knight" is a fictitious huge company called "Toa Heavy Industries" which is the work he worked on so far. Because the characters used for the logo are distinctive, fans who made fonts with the name "Toa Heavy Industries Electronic Typeface Plan" appeared, but publication has been discontinued for various reasons such as trademark rights I will.

Toa Heavy Industries Font Project

Distribution of Toa Heavy Industries font which was created at "Toa Heavy Industries Electronic Typeface Plan" was canceled around 10 o'clock on July 2, according to the comments of font producers, "From Toa Heavy Industries Ltd. "The name is registered as a trademark and it is not possible to use this name" or "theft of design", and it is said that the distribution was canceled voluntarily considering these.

And after 11 o'clock the site itself was deleted.

The previous design was like this.

The Toa Heavy Industries font distributed in "Toa Heavy Industries Electronic Typeface Planning" is the typeface as follows.

Toa heavy industries


Toa Heavy Industries' logo mark

Start of test

In addition, Toa Heavy Industries has an official site and official goods selling stores, etc. Goods using fonts used for Toa Heavy Industries' logo are on sale.

Toa Heavy Industries - TOUA Heavy Industries

Toa Heavy Industries - Knight of Sydney | Megahertz shop

In addition, to the knights of Sydney "DoujinshiTsutomu Nibori is supporting the secondary creative activities using the knights of Cydonia.

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