CERN touches "Steins Gate" at "CERN and something question?"


It is a story board that provides online news and funny articlesRedditAt the first corner of the event, you can ask questions directly to numerous celebrities "AMA(Ask Me Anything) "is the world's largest particle acceleratorLarge-scale hadron collision type acceleratorAnd has conducted numerous global research projectsCERN(European Nuclear Research Organization) staff participated. In response to the question "What about time machine research?", CERN staff "leave it to SERN" as if it were a science adventure game / animationSTEINS; GATESince I gave an answer that makes me think of (Steins Gate), I'm calling great reactions including fans of the work.

We are scientists working at CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider and birthplace of the World Wide Web! Ask Us (Almost) Anything !: IAmA

"SERN" has appeared as a research institution that touched the name of existing "CERN" at Stein's Gate, but in this interaction CERN staff also said that the work and the existence of SERN that appears in it It is clear that we are grasping. That was revealed in the following series of questions about time machine.

◆ Q01:Are you conducting top secret research?

A 01:
CERN is a place to conduct academic research, and we spend our days spending publishing research results and technical design. I do not do military-related research at all. Therefore, apart from some exceptions, such as research results confirming authenticity before publication, there is no research secretly undertaken by CERN. Of course, there are information that is not revealed, such as staff salary statements, health check results, various passwords and accounting information.

In response to this answer,Study of time machine?"From the CERN side," Ay, but that isSERN"I left it to you." A comment that quoted the proper noun in the work as it was written. On the other hand, from the viewer, comments such as "Wow, CERN talked about Stein's Gate, this guy is amazing" and "This mad scientist!"Rintaro OkabeTalking spoken word "El Psy CongrooA person murmuring the mystery (El · Psi · Kongju) appeared.

And furthermore,

◆ Q02:Have you noticed the name Okabe Rintarou (Rin Taro Okabe)?

In response to the question "Is it certainly Steins Gate ?, but I have not done any time machine yet, please ask me again yesterday, if nothing has changed within 5 years" Comments are returned, and obviously it is clear that people in CERN also have fans of works.

In response to this answer, the thread again resembles "El · Psi · Kongguru" or a person who speaks, "who cried", "No one touches Makise Kosoru" "Christina Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!" Comments such as "I'm not Tina!" Are posted.

Unfortunately (?), The thread that touched on the work was only the above, and the later interaction was mainly in line with the original purpose of CERN.

◆ Q03:What worked mostly at CERN and felt the most Cool? (Apart from the person who hits the particles each other)

A 03:
I like LEGO very much, but GoogleStreet view inside CERNWhen you came to shoot, secretly inside the Lego dolls will be hidden, and laterLooking for Lego figuresIt was a lot of fun to hold the event of. If you are interested,HerePlease challenge from. The answer isHereIt is announced in.

, And the answer of the playful heart tappuri has been received very much, and comments such as "Super cool is! Thank you for the link!" Are also gathered from the general viewer.

Also, from another CERN staff, "on July 4, 2013Higgs particle discoveryAt the place of announcement,Dr. Francois AnglaisWhenDr. Peter HiggsWhen I was sitting behind and doing a live tweet, it was very wonderful. "

Furthermore, "However, if it says" Cool things "in CERN, the world's largestLarge-scale hadron collision type acceleratorI guess. This is the world's largest "cryogenic system" and it is one of the coolest (coolest) places in the world ", and I can see unexpectedly crowded aspect.

◆ Q04:How much is political pressure and intervention? CERN has been provided with assistance from various countries, but is there any friction caused by it?

Thankfully, no political pressures or interventions exist. What we are doing is pure science itself!

◆ Q05:Is there anything that should have been more noticed in the experimental results that have already been clarified?

We have done a great deal of research and have published more than 100 remarkable research results so far, but most of the rest are not published in blogs and releases. These research results analyze what kind of structure our nature is made from the root level, and now this level of research can only be done at facilities like CERN I will. Our role is to make a foundation to greatly develop the understanding of what nature is like by utilizing equipment like CERN.

In this thread, a question was asked from a different viewer as a question: "In the situation where there is only one accelerator to conduct experiments, is there a situation that a mistake of experiment data or a situation of tampering does not occur"? "For the large hasron collision type acceleratorATLAS detectorYaCMS detectorI think that it is possible to verify from each detection result "There are two or more large and small devices, such as"

◆ Q06:When turning on the power of the large hadron collision type accelerator, what kind of sound does it play? (It is a serious question)

Although the accelerator is off limits when conducting experiments, once the door is closed, the beep beeps from the console controlling the equipment. And when the adjustment to synchronize the timing of the equipment starts, the announcement notifying the progress of each stage is played.

The control room where we are located is away from the accelerator so we can not hear the actual sound but it is another accelerator in CERNISRA colleague in the Intersecting Storage Rings says he can hear the low sound "boon" where particles collide with the detector.

◆ Q07:For CERN, for example, there are many misunderstandings such as "making a black hole on the ground", but are there any other misunderstandings?

As a misunderstanding other than "black hole maker", there are things such as creating a new "dangerous tool" from the atomic level research and "development of next generation energy", but which Even CERN is not involved.

◆ Q08:How much is the monthly electric bill?

As far as I'm heard, it consumes up to 180 megawatts of electricity per day, most of which is used in accelerators.

Based on these figures, the viewer tried and found that the fee for paying to the Swiss side is 24.5 million euros (about 3.4 billion yen) per month - 299 million euros (about 40 billion yen) in a year, , It was found that the fee on the French side was huge amount of 16 million euros a month (about 2.2 billion yen) · 192 million euros a year (about 26.5 billion yen). It seems to be unclear whether CERN actually pays this amount actually.

◆ Q09:What are the major discoveries that are likely to occur soon? What do you want to clarify soon?

There are still many puzzles of tasks that have to be unraveled! One of the most interesting areas isDark matter(Dark matter) will be elucidated.

◆ Q10:Can you give me advice on students who would like to research at CERN?

of course! CERN has several programs for students, so it would be a good idea to participate in a program that used summer vacation. In the program, you can do lectures and practical experiences from CERN staff. If you are interested inThis pagePlease apply from.

◆ Q11:Until the unified theory of quantum mechanics and gravity, how much more?

It will not be long yet ... .... This is a very wide field of research and a field where many researchers are involved. Although some achievements can be seen, there are still many points to elucidate.

◆ Q12:Why did CERN change officially used fonts to "Comic Sans"?

This is based on the conclusions derived from CERN leaders and the world's best web designers based on several weeks of review.

Also, another staff member replies "Even Arial is not OK", but this is of course a joke's story. In 2014April FoolIt was a question which made the material that CERN announced in the story was neta.

In addition to this, many other interesting questions and answers have been passed AMA's interaction is to be able to read the full sentence from the following link.

We are scientists working at CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider and birthplace of the World Wide Web! Ask Us (Almost) Anything !: IAmA

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