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Novel "Algernon floral" orDissociative same disease (multiple personality)Of the writer known for the non-fiction "24 Billy Milligan" "Billy Milligan and 23 coffins"Daniel QiisMr. died on June 15 (Sun). I was 86 years old.

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Speaking of what is widely known for Mr. Kiss's work is "Flower bloom for Algernon(Flowers for Algernon) ". Charlie Gordon who received the intelligence improvement surgery which was effective in the mouse Algernon got to be a genius from IQ 68 to IQ 185, but knowing the fact that the intelligence improved, knowing the fact that I have not noticed before, and also the growth of intelligence Anxiety by not being able to catch up with the growth of emotions. Moreover, it is a middle story novel written in 1958 originally in the story that knowing the defect of the operation from the strange incident to Algernon who received surgery before him, exhausting all the effort ....

This work was announced in the magazine "Fantasy and Science Fiction" in April 1959, and in 1960Hugo AwardWon a short story novels department. In 1966 it was re-published as a novel, and this timeBabel -17Along with the 1966Nebula PrizeI received the award.

It also became the original of movies and dramas, and Cliff Robertson, who played the role of Charlie, won the Academy's Best Actor Award at the movie work "1968" in the title "Charly". It was made into a movie in 2000 and 2006, and in Japan it was converted into a TV drama in 2002, starring Yusuke Santamaria.

"24 Billy MilliganIs a suspect in a robbery rape case in OhioBilly MilliganA non-fiction work chasing a man named. Published in 1981, the story ends with a bad aftertaste that Billy takes psychotherapy and performs testimony in the courtroom and is innocent before being transferred to a hospital with bad environment due to pressure.

A sequel published in 1994Billy Milligan and 23 coffins"It depicts the complicated circumstances after that and the appearance that the spirit is stabilized by treatment. However, this sequel has not yet been published in the USA due to various circumstances.

Mr. Kiis lost her wife Aurea Georgina Vaquez in 2013 and said that he was living with two daughters in South Florida later in life.

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