The first Turing test passed supercomputer in history, supercomputer appeared, certified "intelligence" of computer

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As a method of judging "whether a computer can be said to be" intellectual "?", A British mathematician, Dr. Alan Turing, invented "Turing test"Has become a major goal in research on artificial intelligence that gives intelligence to computers, and research on artificial intelligence has developed. In 2014, the 60th anniversary of Dr. Turing's death, in EnglandUniversity of ReadingIn "Turing Test 2014" held by the supercomputer that finally passes the Turing test "Eugene (Eugene)"Appeared.

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Turing Test success marks milestone in computing history

The Turing test is a test in which a judger makes a question by character input to both a human and a computer and determines which respondent is a computer from the obtained answer, If computers can not be clearly distinguished, the computer is judged to be "intellectual (with intelligence)".

In the "Turing Test 2014" held at Reading University on June 8, 2014, the 60th anniversary of Dr. Turing's creation of the Turing test, a total of five supercomputers participated in the test, whereas the Russians Supercomputer "Eugene" developed by Mr. Vladimir Vesselov and Ukrainian Eugene Demchenko has achieved a tremendous achievement of passing the Turing test for the first time in history. Eugene said that it was a setting called "13-year-old Eugene-Gutsman boy in Ukraine."

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Computers participating in the test will each be tested for "intelligence" with a human judge with a 5 minute conversation (chat) test. Regarding conversation, there was no specific theme that was set in advance, and a tough condition was imposed on the computer that the judge can freely question. In the Turing test, Eugene is evaluated as "It can not distinguish whether it is a human or a computer" from 33% of judges when it is said that 30% or more of the judges can not distinguish between a computer and a human being, He said that he passed the superb test.

Dr. Kevin Warwick, vice president of the University of Reading, may have argued that the computer that eventually passed the Turing test finally came out, "There was a computer that passed the Turing test so far" However, the exam conducted this time is a very strict one that does not limit the themes and questions, I declare that Eugene is the first successful Turing test in history, "Eugene's He says that his achievement is "a historic milestone in computer science."

Prominent experts point out that Eugene, the first Turing test passed in history, has not passed the test - GIGAZINE

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