Encryption software TrueCrypt which was thought that development was stopped starts to resurrect

The development stopped temporarily, encryption software which the rumors such as "hacked", "pressure was taken from state power", "a serious back door was found"TrueCryptHowever, volunteers have gathered and started to resurrect.

TrueCrypt - organizing a future

"TrueCrypt" is an encryptedVirtual diskIt is open source software for creating and deciphering data."PRISM" problem that the U.S. government was collecting information on the peopleIt is software that became widely known as a software used by corporate and government whistleblowers and journalists, but since about 28 May 2014 the official page "Truecrypt.org"Will be transferred to the following page.


This page states that "TrueCrypt may contain a security problem", and existing data encrypted using TrueCrypt can be downloaded from MicrosoftBitLockerThe procedure for shifting to the details is described in detail.

As development suddenly stopped, it seems like "Has it been hacked?" "Is it because some kind of national pressure is being applied?",Various speculations about TrueCryptAlthough it spreads on the net, details are still unknown even now. Currently, "TrueCrypt 7.2" whose encryption function has been deleted on the transfer destination page and only the decryption function is available is now available for download.

Meanwhile, in order to survive TrueCrypt "TrueCrypt.chThe site called "TrueCrypt.org" gathers up-to-date information on TrueCrypt and professs to proceed with development of TrueCrypt on behalf of "TrueCrypt.org" when it stops functioning completely . In addition, "TrueCrypt.ch" distributes "TrueCrypt 7.1" which has both encryption function and decryption function for Windows (XP / Vista / 7/8) · MacOS X · Linux, and the source code is released It is inside.

Priorities listed in "TrueCrypt.ch" are as follows.

01: Enable TrueCrypt again
02: To discover people and talented people who are interested in development
03: Identify and solve legal problems
04: Identify security issues
05: ProjectforkLet me solve the security problem
06: Search for aid source for continuous development

The project to audit the safety of TrueCrypt "OpenCryptAuditThe first bulletin of the audit results by "TrueCrypt 7.1" is releasedBoot loaderWhenkernelIt is said that the big bug is not included in the part.


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