Bookmarklet that can search synonyms with one click and can improve vocabulary skills

As blogs and SNS became widespread, anyone could write sentences without hesitation easily, but among those who are particular about sentence quality, once or twice faced their own vocabulary skills I think that I have experience. When you make a thing into a letter, sometimes you repeatedly repeat the same expression many times, but by registering it as a favorite of the browser it is easy to search for synonyms and confirm different words and phrases Bookmarklet@ YossenseCreating your own.

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In the enumeration of various bookmarklets, I found a bookmarklet that can search synonyms in the middle of the page.

This bookmarklet instantly converts the character selected on the browser to "Weblio thesaurus"It searches with.

To make it possible to use this bookmarklet, simply drag the link labeled "search in thesaurus" into the bookmark bar and it's ok.

In the case of Internet Explorer, a confirmation dialog will be displayed, so click "Yes".

Bookmarklet is now available. Then just select the character string you want to search on the browser and click on the bookmarklet link.

I will try searching "bookmarklet" in the sentence. With the character string selected, click "Search in the thesaurus".

A new tab opens automatically, and the search results in the thesaurus were displayed.

I tried it in another language. In "virtual reality", synonyms such as "VR", "virtual reality", "Virtual Reality" were displayed.

When I tried it with "the proud proposition", I was able to see even more synonyms and paraphrase expression.

In addition, the Weblio dictionary also has the official bookmarklet "Weblio search with bookmarkletAlthough it offers, only bookmarklet of dictionary search function.

People who used online synonym dictionary so far and those who do not so far recommend this bookmarklet so it will be quite easy to search, so it is recommended.

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