Belt "TRAKLINE 2.0" which can be easily tightened at any position without a belt hole or fastening

Jeans · slacks etc. Most pants are attached with a string to pass the belt, which is required for every scene, but since the position of the belt hole is fixed for the leather belt, the hole is repositioned by increasing / decreasing weight Or you have to. A belt that removes fasteners and belt holes from such a belt and can be fastened at a favorite position easily by a unique mechanism "TRAKLINE 2.0"We are looking for investment in Kickstarter.

TRAKLINE >> See what makes this belt so special by Karl Kozak - Kickstarter

You can see how the TRAKLINE 2.0 differs from ordinary belts by looking at the following movie.

Belt is an item frequently used in business as well as those wearing a suit, as well as private.

Although the usual belt passes fasteners in the belt hole at the position that matches the waist, you may not be able to use the holes that were originally available due to the increase or decrease in weight.

TRAKLINE 2.0 does not require belt holes or fasteners.

Sliding grooves are attached when turning over,InsulcI feel like. You can adjust to the best position just by pulling the tick and the belt just to a good place and remove it.

We previously solicited a contribution of "TRAKLINE" at Kickstarter, and it has reached outstanding commercialization. This time it is easy to use and improved as "TRAKLINE 2.0", and the type of buckle is increasing.

How to use, pass the belt aft through the buckle just like a normal belt ... ...

Just by pulling to the position where the waist stays, it is unnecessary to insert a fastener into the belt hole.

There are only five belt holes in the usual belt, but TRAKLINE 2.0 can be adjusted to the perfect place with 40 adjustment points.

Because the inch notation is written with the dotted line on the back of the belt, if you are a 32-inch waist, cut along the dotted line ... ...

You can use it as soon as you pinch it at the end of the buckle. The usual belt is very easy because it is a place where the position of the belt hole does not match as you cut and you have to open a hole yourself or bring it to a tailor.

In TRAKLINE 2.0Full grain leatherIs used, and "release tab" which removes the belt to the buckle part is added. On the back of the belt, 24 to 44 inch sizes are written at equal intervals, and the "switch belt" that holds the end of the belt firmly after cutting is also improved. It is a mechanism that can fix with the lock bar on the back side by pushing the buckle.

The place where men are wearing is like this. It looks as good as a general belt.

In addition, high grade alloy is used for buckle material, and "Gunmetal (left)" or "Nickel (right)" can be selected for each design.

The following are "Gold (left)" "Nickel (Right)"

The width of the leather belt is 3.5 cm and you can choose from black, brown, white.

Buckles for ladies are also available, and you can choose from 4 types of designs, color "Gunmetal (left)" and "Nickel (right)".

Wearing place is like this. The width of the female leather belt is 2.5 cm.

The following can be obtained by investment. Choose either standard (for men) or slim (for lady).
· $ 10 (about 1000 yen): dedicated closet hanger (2 pieces)
· $ 59 (about 6000 yen): TRAKLINE 2.0 × 1 piece (1 belt + 1 buckle)
· $ 89 (about 9000 yen): 1 belt + 2 buckles, 2 belts + 1 buckle
· $ 112 (about 11,000 yen): 2 belts + 2 buckles

After the campaign ends, you can select the type of buckle and belt color.

Product shipping is planned around June 2014, shipping to the outside of the United States requires a separate $ 15 (about 1500 yen) to $ 25 (about 2,500 yen). The deadline of investment is Japan time until 15 o'clock on Monday, May 26, 2014.

TRAKLINE >> See what makes this belt so special by Karl Kozak - Kickstarter

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