I tried using "Lacquet" which can stick paper with static electricity without a pin or tape

When you want to keep notes where you can see it, it is common to paste with a pin or paste with tape, but it is electronic adsorption that you can paste memo paper etc with petapeta without a pin or tape board"Lackade"is. I have something I want to not forget and it seems convenient because I exchange messages with someone, so I actually tried what I can use it.

Electronic suction board "LUCKAGE" | Office Environment Improvement Supplies | 'King' of 'File' and 'Tepla'

You can see from the following movie how you actually stick the memo using static electricity.

I tried sticking notes and pictures on 'LUCKAGE' using static electricity - YouTube

This is the electronic suction board "LUCKAGE".

I tried taking it out of the box. Since it weighs 284 g, it can be held lightly with one hand. The size is 200 mm × 32 mm × 322 mm, and the thinnest part is about 3.7 mm.

Compared with the iPhone this is about this size.

Stand is attached on the reverse side.

Looking from the side like this.

The angle of the stand can be adjusted in two stages.

It is designed to set the battery at the bottom of the main unit.

Since it works with AA alkaline batteries, first open the battery cover and set an AA size alkaline dry battery separately sold.

Preparation is complete.

Since the light informs the low battery, it does not shine when it is operating. Therefore, it seems that you do not know whether it works or not at first glance ... ...

Touching the adsorption surface, it snapped a little like when touching the underlay in winter. A wave pattern is contained on the surface, but a structure that causes electricity to flow through the electrode contained in it and causes static electricity to generate adsorption. Static electricity did not feel pain.

I will stick the memo to the adsorption surface at once.

I will stick to "Pett!" As if attached with a magnet.

Polaroid pictures and ...

It is possible to stick even thick paper such as business cards.

Since the adhesive is not used, the memo paper can be attached and peeled freely, and as long as there is a battery there is no such thing that attraction force weakens.

Even if paper and paper overlap, you can stick together if even a small adsorption surface comes out, and there was no problem with adsorption even when the paper was bent and only a part did not come in contact with the racket.

The operation time is about nine months. Incidentally,Amazon's price is 2910 yen including taxIt has become.

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