Copy of 40 pages I tried using a multi-function ruler "Nakatosir" that allows books to be easily bound

When making booklets using copy paper, we use stapler (stapler) that supports both vertical and horizontal stitching, but a multi-function ruler called "Nakatozir" can be used more easily. With the "saddle stitching" function attached, it is easy to combine with a stapler that can tack the main body 180 degrees and it is easy to make a booklet of about 40 pages, so I decided to actually do it.

2 to 10 sheets that can be saddle-stitched in combination with a stapler capable of tacking MC-140 - stationery · office equipment - product information - Max Co., Ltd.

This is "Nakatosiru" (410 yen including tax). A concrete example of how to use is drawn with a photograph in the table of the package.

How to use saddle stitching and notes on the back.

Compared to "Nakatosiru" and iPhone 6 this feeling. The long side of the iPhone 6 is 138.1 mm, the scale of the ruler of the Nakatosir is 14 cm, the body size is 20 cm slightly.

I will decide which booklet can be made quickly, and I will try to bind it. According to the official website, the maximum number of sheets that can be saddle stitched is 10 copy sheets (PPC paper), so use 10 A4 size copy sheets. Hotchikis is prepared with standard No. 10 needle.

The type and size of paper that can be stitched with "Nakatosiru" can be up to B3 · A3 size on copying paper, as well as saddle stitching of newspaper.

First, add a crease in the center of the long side of the paper.

Open the body of "Nakatosiru" which is designed to hold paper in between 2 cm and 3 cm. Be careful as Nakatosir is broken if you open it all the way.

Align the crease on the paper with the black mark on the long side of Nakatojiiru.

Next, open the stapler 180 degrees.

Adjust the tip of the stapler to the stapler guide (concave) of the Nakatosir and bind the paper in the same way as tacking (extrude the staple of the stapler in the U shape). Because it requires considerable power when ten sheets are bound, it is a trick to put your weight on a stapler.

It is OK if the needle is T - shaped with the guide line of "Nakatosir". In the same way, also bind the other side.

Using 10 A4 copy sheets, a booklet of 40 pages including the cover and back cover is completed.

As you can see, 10 sheets are bound tightly, a small number of bookletsCopy bookIt is possible to make it without problems.

I will try to test newspaper. 5 newspapers We prepared one copy of 20 newspapers.

In the same way as when preparing a booklet for copy paper, "Nakatogiru" is sandwiched from the bottom, according to the mark for the newspaper ......

Staple with a stapler.

Saddle stitching of newspapers is completed if binding is done in two places.

In fact, when I tried various things, I could bind up to 16 newspapers.

"Nakatosiru" is not a saddle stitching but a "multifunction ruler", so measure the length as a ruler, draw a line ... ....

You can draw a wavy line ......

Measure the angle as a protractor ......

Draw a circle as a simple compass with the size of every 1 cm ... ....

It can be used as a loupe and is multi-functional.

In addition, since it will be tacked by matching the guides one by one, if the mass production is to be done, the same makers are issuing a saddle stitchable stapler "Hotchukuru come.Although it might be easier to use such as "It is easier to increase the number of staplers for saddle stitching ..." If you are a person named "Nakatosiru" might be better. The price is 410 yen including tax, and it is on sale at office supplies stores, stationery stores and throughout the country.

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