I tried eating "raruna rich flushing youth taste" that the ramune entered.

In a candy of blue apple flavored image of refreshing youth, shrimp with yoghurt taste and crispy bittersweet ramune with garrigal's new taste "Garrigaly Rich Rich flavor of youth taste"New release from May 13 (Tuesday), so I decided to buy it and try it.

Music group 'GReeeeN' collaboration product 'Garigari Kimi Rich Flushing youth taste' New Release | Akagiri Milk

"Garigari Kimi Rich Flavored Youth Taste" is a refreshing package based on green.

When you look carefully, how you eat and eyes are different.

Cover the shaved ice of yoghurt taste with ice candy with green apple flavor. In the shaved ice is the grain of ramune.

Raw materials include isomerized liquid sugar · apple juice (green apple juice 66%) · starch syrup · ramune and pine fruit juice are included. Suspicious material like the three-part Kiwamono completed with the Napolitan flavor is not used and is safe. According to the release calories are 95 kcal per one.

That's why I opened it.

Green green ice creamy like green apple came out.

Compared to the iPhone 5 size it looks like this.

When I tried it, I was surprised to see that it contained rumors and colorful ramune from the first mouth. I do not feel the taste of green apple much, it is about flavoring, the taste of yoghurt shaved ice of just sweetness is the main ice.

Everywhere you eat contains 2 to 4 grains of ramune and a fun texture. Garigari kimi It is a cheap taste like soda taste, but the impression that is trying to bring out a rich feeling by making plenty of ramune. Ramune is strong acidity, it is perfect for a hot season Garigari.

Sometimes the ramune is gathered so much in one place.

Garrigaly is an ice cream that can be enjoyed eating "If one hits out another one!" ... ...

In this time, if you hit a stick, you can get "Youth Towel Muffler" instead of ice cream.

The design of the towel that Garigari and GReeeeN collaborated look like this.

The price of "Garigari Kimi Rich Flavored Youth's Taste" is one 120 yen (tax excluded).

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