"Spurious Correlations" to relax the correlation between irrelevant data such as "number of suicide hanging" and "expenditure on science, space and technology in the USA"

A phenomenon in which a change in a few initial factors ultimately leads to unexpectedly different results is called "Butterfly effect"However, a project that finds correlation with two data that does not relate to seemingly seemingly such a phenomenon seems to be occurring even in the immediate vicinity is"Spurious Correlations"is.

Spurious Correlations

The expenditure on "science, space and technology in the USA" from 1999 to 2009 coincides with the rising trend of "number of suicide in hanging".

"The number of drowning at the swimming pool" and "the number of movie appearances by Nicholas Cage" are going up and down for some reason in a similar tendency. In other words, if Nicholas Cage did not appeared in the movie, the accident at the pool might be drastically reduced.

"Cheese consumption per American person" and "number dead by getting tangled with bed sheets" are nearly identical.

"America·Maine StateDivorce rate "and" margarine consumption per American "draw the same curve and tend to descend. Based on this data, if the margarine industry interferes with the marriage of the main citizen, consumption of margarine will increase as the divorce rate rises ... ....

It certainly agrees with graphing "Miss America's age" and "Murder number due to steam, heat steam, and other hot things".

Data on the number of deaths of motorists due to train collision correlated with "imports of crude oil from Norway to the United States".

"Consumption of mozzarella cheese per American" showing high correlation and "number of doctoral degrees in civil engineering in the US". Can you get a doctorate if you eat lots of mozzarella cheese?

"Total US imported crude oil" correlated with "chicken consumption per American". It can be inferred that demand for fuel for baking chicken is involved.

"Amount of honey produced from honeycomb" and "Marriage rate in Vermont province" tend to decline with a similar trend.

It seems that it does not seem to be related "political action committee (PAC) "And" the number of deaths due to falling from the wheelchair ", it turned out that the number of people who fall from the wheelchair tends to increase as political corruption progresses.

Note that the same data may indicate correlation with other data. There is a phenomenon that "the number of helicopter accidents that the crew died" decreases when "the number of film appearances of Nicolas · cage" increases, but the person riding a helicopter can support Nicholas Cage.

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