New Zealand banned thermal power generation

The New Zealand government has banned the construction of thermal power plants that burn natural gas and coal over the course of ten years, and those already using state-owned power stations fueled with natural gas are prohibited, but soon for general corporations It will be applied.

In New Zealand we used terrain with a difference in elevationHydropower generation accounts for 54% of total domestic power generationSo, is this possible also possible?

Details are as below.Ecotality Life >> New Zealand to ban coal and gas power plants

The goal is to achieve carbon dioxide emissions and achieve 90% of the country 's energy from recyclable resources by 2025. Currently, New Zealand is producing wind power, hydraulic power and geothermal power generation of 70% of total power generation, and it is estimated that the construction of wind turbines etc. will be accelerated by banning thermal power generation.

New Zealand's state-owned power company "Genesis Power" and a huge energy sales company "Contact" plan to spend 1 billion New Zealand dollar (about 90.5 billion yen) to find recyclable resource energy, and thermal power generation According to the banned news, it seems that the stock price of Contact is rising.

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