Assertion that "the public is showing greater interest in murder and terror than heart disease and cancer death by cancer"


In the newspapers, television, and the Internet, death of someone has been reported every day in the form of incidents, accidents, death notices, etc. According to the report released on GitHub below, "The public is showing a high interest in murder or terror rather than heart disease or cancer, which is a common cause of death in reality" has been published.

Charting Death

In 1979A study investigating how many types of causes of death were mentioned in the newsWas done. As a result, "In fact the article that reports the murder in newspapers and news is about three times as much as the article that reports death and death, while the person who dies of sickness is about 1000 times of the person who dies by murder, Even more than twice as much "that the conclusion was obtained.

Owen Shen's four people said that "data published by the American Center for Disease Prevention and Control from 1999 to 2016", "Google search trend from 2004 to 2016" "British newspaper"Guardian"Article database" "American newspaper"New York Times"The article database of" I tried similar comparative research using the database.

The following image is data showing the ratio of cause of death released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1999 (upper) and 2016 (lower). Although the heart disease (Heart Disease) is slightly decreased, the percentage by homicide, Alzheimer's disease, and drug addiction (Overdose) is somewhat increased, but people who died of cancer and heart disease are all It does not change how it accounts for about 30% of the death toll.

Since Google Trend has been a service that started in 2004, we only have data from 2004, but it shows how many times the following images were searched by Google. Compared with the data of the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the search rate of heart disease with the highest proportion in reality is around 10%. It also shows that there is a high interest in murder and suicide (Suicide).

And the guardian's data (1999 · 2008 · 2016) is shown in the image below. It is quite different from the ratio of actual causes of death, and both newspapers show that there are more articles that deal with killing and suicide than heart disease and cancer. Also since 2001 the number of articles dealing with terrorism (Terrorism) has increased.

Also, the data of the New York Times (1999, 2008, 2016) are as follows. Compared to the guardian from 1999 to 2000, the proportion of articles dealing with cancer is a lot of impression, but in the 2010s the percentage of articles dealing with cancer has decreased sharply.

When analyzing the search results of the Internet and the percentage of deaths handled in the media, the research team says that the public is more concerned about homicide, suicide, and terrorism than diseases such as heart diseases and cancer that actually have a high proportion of deaths in reality " I am concluding. At the same time, while giving a preliminary statement, "We should not bring political conclusion easily to the point that gap is born between people's interests and reality", "I was concerned with heart diseases and cancer that originally had the highest proportion of deaths We can not be said that efforts on countermeasures are not progressing because they are not ", he said.

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