Women's appealing pain is more likely to be neglected than men's appealing pain


Regarding how to feel pain between men and women,Men can not tolerate the pain of childbirthIt is said, "Men are more painfulThere are various claims that there is a research result that women are appealing, but as the pain which appealed by women is likely to be disregarded, the writer who is also suffering from multiple chronic diseasesLaurie EdwardsMr.The New York TimesI write it.

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In January 2013American Food and Drug AdministrationRegarding the use of sleep inducing agents, women asked to reduce their consumption as drowsiness persisted longer after taking more than men. There are hormone cycles in women, small organs, and because the fat that makes up the body is larger than men, it is thought that sleep inducing drugs may affect too much. Also, it is known that men metabolize caffeine earlier than females, while women know that they metabolize antibiotics quickly, which is also attributed to gender differences of such metabolism. Of course, there are drugs whose efficacy is not influenced by gender in some medicines, but in some cases, fatal side effects may be exerted on women.

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According to the survey, 25% of Americans feel chronic pain and most of them are females, so the difference in efficacy of medicine is important for these women. In 2009The Journal of PainAccording to the announcement, there is a high risk that women face pain, the risk of becoming sclerotic is twice that of men, rheumatismAutoimmune diseaseThe risk of becoming 3 times, the risk of becoming chronic fatigue syndrome seems to be four times as high.

The cause of the autoimmune disease may be genetic, but environmental factors may be involved, so I do not know the clear cause of "why women are more likely to suffer".

And in 2011Institute of MedicineReported a report on chronic pain called "Relieving Pain in America", but reported that the symptoms of pain not only tend to appear in women but also that the report of the pain that appeared to women was dismissed It is said that there are many. The pain is a subjective one, and this report raises a very serious problem, as diagnosis and treatment must be done on the premise that there is no room to doubt the patient's reported symptoms.

Also announced in 2001 "The Girl Who Cried Pain: A Bias Against Women in the Treatment of Pain(PDF) "also shows that when a woman complains of pain during diagnosis it is rare to be regarded as" aggressive to treatment ", it is" emotional "and" psychological "and eventually" it is not true pain There is often the result that it is often received as "It is received. Therefore, antidepressants are prescribed, but because the antidepressant may be effective or ineffective by the hormonal cycle, the situation becomes increasingly complicated.

Furthermore, in a study conducted in 2008 to investigate gender inequality in emergency medical care, race and class,TriageEven considering the factor, it was reported that women receiving strong analgesics were 13 to 25% less than men, and even women who received pain medication needed to wait for medication for 16 minutes longer than the average .

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Connective tissue inflammation has about 6 million patients in the United States, and the number of female patients is nine times the number of male patients. This also seems to be one of the reasons why diseases such as connective tissue inflammation and chronic fatigue syndrome where a clear cause is unknown are not received as reliable pain of female patient's complaint It is. In other words, it is often that vague diagnosis is given to female pain, so that the cause of the disease itself becomes unclear. Of course, medical research itself on pain itself is advancing at a slow pace, but Edwards said, the study of pain relating to gender is going to slowly develop over the circle.

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