Garrigal's new taste "Ice Coffee" and the big hit product "Kiwi" in 2013 were released, so I tried it

"Aunt Claire's stew taste"Or"Rich corn potageAnd "Rich Napolitan taste"From Garrigali who goes my way newly"iced coffeeThe taste appeared. Because we are proposing ice coffee from "drink" to "kajiru" to make the coffee market excitement, it is said that it will be released in 2013 as a hit product this yearkiwiI tried it together with the taste.

"Garrigali Ice Coffee New Release! 2013 Great Hit! Garigari Kim You Kiwi Release at the Same Time" | Akagiri Milk

From the top "Garrigali Ice Coffee" and "Garigari Kiwi"

First of all I will try to eat from the new product 'Garrigali Ice Coffee'.

Ice coffee in the package is a syrup-like illustration without milk.

Calories are 48 kcal per 110 ml.

Raw materialIsomerized liquid sugar· Sugar · coffee · vegetable oil · liqueur · fragrance etc.

Opening the bag and taking it out, the ice candy looks like milk coffee rather than black. The smell of coffee and fluffy came drifting at the time of opening the bag.

When eating, the strong scent of coffee spreads in the mouth. There is bittersweet, but rather than full-fledged coffee, it has an atmosphere similar to coffee taste candy, sweetness is also firm, and even children can eat it.

Garrigali you richAunt Claire's stew tasteYaRich corn potage,Rich Napolitan tasteThere were grains of potatoes, tomatoes and corn in it, but this is simple ice only. Although it is tasty, there is also no editorial staff who gets bored in the middle because the coffee taste thinly brewed continues, especially because there is no change in taste, and the opinion that you wanted to put condensed milk etc ... ....

Next "Garigari Kimi Kiwi" was released in 2013 and was a big hit.

You scoop up the kiwi and eat it. Garrigaly has become a package illustration. The kiwifruit juice is included in 1%.

The calorie is 69 kcal per 110 ml and higher than the ice coffee.

Raw materials are isomerized liquid sugar · sugar · apple juice · kiwi fruit juice · lime juice · dairy products · liqueur etc.

When opening the package, a light green ice candy appeared.

I will eat it at once.

When scoured with crispness, the scent of fresh fruit spreads throughout its mouth. I think that it would be great if you eat it on a hot day or a hot bath as you are refreshed .... If you are asked if it is a kiwi, it is like "?". Somewhat refreshing of the green apple, it is finished in a taste like adding a little citrus flavor there.

In particular this is not included in particular, only ice. Although I do not feel kiwi as much as I eat, a little aftertaste unique to kiwi remained like Uri after I finished eating. Whether kiwi or not depends on the subjectivity of the person who ate it, the refreshing fruit taste gets hotter and hotter It is best for the season from now on. There were many opinions saying "I want to repeat" only as saying the resale of big hit products.

In addition, "Garrigali Ice Coffee" and "Garigari Kiwi" are both 60 yen without tax.

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