Cast 'Osteoid' that shortens the healing period of fractures by up to about 40%

Casts are used to fix the affected area so that it does not move in the event of a fracture, but ' Osteoid ' has evolved from existing casts in both appearance and function.

Osteoid Medical cast, attachable bone stimulator

3D-printed cast concept uses ultrasound to heal broken bones | The Verge

The cast called 'Osteoid' won the 3D printing type and product award of the world's largest design competition, A'Design Award.

The creator is a design team led by Deniz Karasahin, and Osteoid can be made to order to personalize the shape, weight, and color for each patient.

Osteoid is highly evaluated not only for its futuristic design, but also for its ability to accelerate healing such as fractures by installing a low-intensity pulse (

LIPUS ) generator.

LIPUS therapy is a treatment used to treat 'fractures' and 'cartilage injuries', and Osteoid attaches this LIPUS generator to the holes in the bumps to keep the cast on, which was previously difficult. It is also possible to treat fractures in the cartilage. When used for 20 minutes a day, Osteoid can shorten the healing period of fractures by up to 38% and increase the healing rate of non-healing fractures by 80%.

The cast itself was inspired by a cast called '

Cortex ' created by Jake Evill, a graduate of the University of Victoria. ..

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