Google Glass's voice control application supports Japanese

In the United States, Google Glass scheduled to be released during 2014, the release schedule in Japan is still unknown for the moment, but social bookmark service ·RedditAccording to the users, the standard application "GlassVoice.apk" which provides voice operation of Google Glass has been updated to Japanese by updating.

XE16 GlassVoice.apk Teardown Reveals That Glass Might Be Headed To Japan, Unused Voice Commands

Android 4.4 KitKat update (XE16) to Google Glass from April 15th local time is being implemented, but social bookmark serviceRedditAs a result of user's pointed out, it became clear that this update causes a large amount of Japanese translation to be included in the voice related apk file "GlassVoice.apk".

A large amount of Japanese translation such as "search", "take a picture", "search a route", etc. can be confirmed from the following.


BloombergAccording to the interview, Google Glass is scheduled to be sold to the public in 2014, but has not yet been released, but from 14 o'clock on local time at 9 o'clock local time for US residentsDaily limited sale will be held. It was the first time for sale to general consumers because it was only released to developers and test users, but the fact that GlassVoice.apk contained a large amount of Japanese translation was, Limited time sale may be held in Japan. The price of Google Glass sold on April 15 is $ 1,500 (about 150,000 yen) without tax.

A man wearing Google Glass was assaultedOrGoogle Grass wearers refused restaurantAlthough it is true that there are many problems, such as the appearance of privacy issues or concerns about privacy,Porn industryIs said to change drastically with the appearance of Google Glass, and at this stage also suggests various possibilities that Google Glass can realize what could not have been realized so far.

For example, an application called "OKDoor" makes it possible for a person wearing Google Glass to open a door at a distance.

Brivo Labs

What can you do with actual applications? It is possible to check from the following movie.

OKDoor by Brivo Labs - Access Doors with Google Glass - YouTube

Also, a project to make patient information easier to acquire by using Google Glass and QR code at medical scene is in progress, and if it becomes available in Japan it should expand the possibility in the future in many fields .

Beth Israel to use Google Glass throughout emergency room - Business - The Boston Globe

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