Experiment to live relay surgical procedure with Google Glass will be conducted in USA

You can manipulate hands-free by reflecting the world of the Internet in front of youGoogle GlassAlthough it is expected to be utilized for various purposes, experiments in which a surgeon wears it during surgery and lectures on the state of surgery to medical students by live broadcasting have been conducted in the United States.

Google Glass at Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center

On August 21, 2013, an orthopedic surgeon Christopher Cadin, who was wearing Google Glass at Ohio State University Weckner Medical Center, relayed the situation of his knee surgery to colleagues and medical students who are away from the Internet via the Internet.

Google has tested with the 1,000 collaborators in the United States at the "Explorer Program" to test Google Glass, but Kaedin, who surrendered the surgery this time, is one of the participants in this program. Surgical images were delivered live to Google Professor as well as medical students on Google Hangouts.

The situation at that time can be seen in the following movie (not a strong stimulus picture).

Point-of-view Surgery Shown Via Google Glass - YouTube

Kaedin doctor wearing Google Glass.

Medical students observe live broadcast from a place away from surgery.

Kaidin, who finished the operation, said that he felt the possibility of bringing innovation to medical scene in "connection" by Google Glass.

This is a map showing the positional relationship at the time of experiment. On the east side of the map is the operating room of Dr. Keidin, in the southwest there is a medical student campus, and in the northern part of the city there was a colleague of Keidin.

"I felt like I was a doctor who was present at the surgery site and I saw clearly what was going on with the surgery," said a medical student.

You can search a variety of information on Google Glass. For example, display X-ray photos of patients ...

Even during surgery you can get advice from other experts. Experts do not matter wherever you are in the world.

In the future, Google Glass is likely to be active in various medical scenes, such as communicating with patients using Google Glass, and it seems that the day when the doctor is wearing Google Glass becomes commonplace.

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