Open source hardware "Ubertooth" which can cheap Bluetooth data interception

Bluetooth Technology WebsiteAccording to the report, 9 billion devices will be delivered worldwide by the end of 2012, and more than 2.5 billion Bluetooth devices will be distributed in 2013. Bluetooth has become a standard wireless standard all over the world, but open source USB connected hardware that can intercept that Bluetooth is on sale.

Ubertooth - Open-Source Bluetooth Sniffing | Pentura Labs' Blog

◆ Background

People and researchers who are enthusiastic about security measures for several years have started investigating "interception of Bluetooth communication". Commercial solutions were financially expensive, so the community needed more cheap and effective things. Dominic Spill and Andrea Bittau have about 30 dollars (about 2950 yen), Bluetooth that can intercept Bluetooth and can reflash the firmwareDonglePioneers discovered several, they can monitor the Bluetooth communication between devicesCsrsniffIt is also a person who created an open source called.

◆ Implementation example of Bluetooth communication interception

Several examples already exist, but some of the problems recognized in the two above are "not working for a long time without reason" for cheap devices, "operate for a long time, operation quickly Michael Ossmann and Dominic Spill frequently believe that practical examples and solutions of existing Bluetooth communication interception are inadequate and that the community will also be able to communicate with other Bluetooth devices I also asked for a more appropriate one. And they said that the Bluetooth intercept hardware and softwaresolution"Ubertooth" has been realized. The price is 110 dollars (about 10,800 yen), which is much cheaper than competing products that cost more than 2000 dollars (about 200,000 yen) circulating in the commercial market.

◆ Specifications

· 2.4 GHz experimental platform
· Bluetooth 1.x, 802.11 (FHSS)
· Low power
· USB 2.0
·CC2400(CC2591 front end)
· NXP LPC 1756
·Open Source(
Project Ubertooth - Home

◆ Website that Ubertooth can purchase

Wall of Sheep - Ubertooth One - Fully Assembled

There are several websites where you can purchase Ubertooth, but only the above websites have inventory at the moment and can be delivered outside the country. If you ship to Japan, you can purchase one Ubertooth for $ 119.99 (about 10,192 yen) + shipping costs $ 16.66 (about 1650 yen) = $ 136.65 (about 13,570 yen).

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