MIT devised a nuclear plant that shows high resistance to tsunami at "float type nuclear power plant"

It occurred in 2011East Japan great earthquake disasterTsunami by TEPCO'sFukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantIt caused extremely great damage to the company, still unable to grasp the real situation of the actual damage. Meanwhile, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyFaculty of Nuclear Science and Engineering(NSE) 's research team, Professor Jacopo Buongiorno, said the offshore 5-7 mile (8 - 11 kilometers)Float type nuclear power plant"We revealed the idea of. This idea is nearAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) 's Small Modular Furnace Symposium.

Floating nuclear power plants can avoid disasters like Fukushima | The Verge

In the following movie, you can see how Professor Buongiorno talks about the concept of a float type nuclear power plant.

Floating nuclear plants with withstand earthquakes and tsunamis - YouTube

This is Professor Buongiorno who talks about the concept of float type nuclear power plants. Since the influence of the tsunami is reduced as it goes away from the land, we assume that by building a nuclear offshore at around 10 kilometers offshore, we can avoid damage like the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Image diagram floating on the sea is here. It is based on the technology of the offshore oil platform construction, with a helipad and a crane at the top.

A cross section of this is characteristic. All of the main facilities such as nuclear reactors, spent nuclear fuel pools, electric generators, etc. are located lower than the sea level, and the ocean part is used for control rooms, living space, etc. The float body is fixed with a cable anchor and a cable at the sea bottom, and the generated electricity is transmitted to the land via a submarine cable.

In addition to the control room and other parts of the ocean part which has a multilayer structure, you can see how much space is being drawn in the condensate storage tank. As you can see from this figure, it seems that facilities with low radioactivity levels are gathered.

The main nuclear reactor is completely located at the submarine level, and the pressure vessel is filled with liquid that seems to be seawater. The professor uses sea water as "almost infinite cooling device" and states that it is possible to lower the risk of meltdown by maintaining the state that the core can always be cooled even in case of emergency. Also, it is said that leaving people living on land will have less impact on people's lives even in the event of an accident. The impact on the ocean in case of emergency accident is not told at this stage.

Regarding offshore nuclear power plants, Russia is located very close to the offshore areaThe concept of placing similar float type nuclear power plantsWe are out of the house, but the thing that is 10 kilometers away is the first plan of Professor Buongiorno.

Regarding the next-generation energy policy, it is former president of MicrosoftA company that Bill · Gates develops next generation nuclear power generation "TeraPower"There are present conditions that interest in nuclear energy is also gathering in the world, such as starting up. Float type nuclear power plants are still in the stage of planning, and concrete plans are to be studied in the future.

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