Medical application that stores images, images and electronic medical record for Google Glass appeared

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Beta general sale begins in the USAGoogle's "Google Glass"Is a wearable terminal expected to use various ways. In the United States, companies that sell electronic medical record management applications for the iPad are publishing applications that can manage and share electronic charts with Google Glass for the first time in the world.

Startup launches 'first wearable health record' for Google Glass | Reuters

What was announced was "Drchrono"Google Glass version of an application that has already been released for the iPad called" iPad. " Doctors who have registered with Drchrono for Google Glass can download images and images of examination and surgery, electronic medical record, health condition, etc. as an application, or cloud storage service "BoxIt will be possible to save it. By storing and sharing data on patients in applications and clouds, smooth information exchange is possible.


According to Bill J. Metaxas doctor who already incorporates Google Glass into surgery and examination of patients, using Drchrono with Google Glass does not get patient permission or absolutely cause problems such as information leakage It is said that there are many factors that must be kept in mind beforehand, such as setting security. Also, Dr. Metaxas said, "We have already incorporated tablets such as iPads in the medical field.The safety of Google Glass is similar to that of tablet devices, but it seems to be a bit faster to incorporate into tablets." I also stated.

Google Glass sometimes takes photograph shooting and recording functions with eyeglasses that others do not notice, sometimes does not notice that others are shooting, and may be subject to major criticism, but introduces state-of-the-art technology such as medical treatment It is evaluated that there is a possibility of blowing a new wind from the site where it is done.

Experiment to live relay surgery with Google Glass will be held in the USA - GIGAZINE

The Googla Glass development team gathered medical professionals and welfare providers in San Francisco to hold a meeting and discuss how to utilize Google Glass. Dr. Daniel Kivatinos, founder of Drchrono who participated in the meeting said, "Google seems to have yet to clarify how to best use Google Glass, but we strongly desire to take Google Glass into the clinic It is also true that there is a doctor. "

As many as 60,000 doctors have already registered with Drchrono, more than 300 people are using it. Although the application is currently free for article writing, it seems that it may be chargeable for the near future. Please note that Google has a no-comment stance on Drchrono.

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