I tried to enjoy beer "Adults Kentucky" beyond the area of ​​fast food "soft configuration of five-cup flavored chicken ~ with hats and sand liver ~"

In the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office Building located in Otemachi, Tokyo, which is known as the office district, KFC opened a new form of store called "Adult Kentucky" in March 2014. In adults Kentucky who targeted office workers, I heard that ordering is a tablet terminal or enjoying beer, listening to ordinary Kentucky is a bit different shop, I have eaten.

More KFC fun! "Adult Kentucky" KFC "Yomiuri Newspaper Tokyo Head Office Building Store" in an office town where beer can drink

Arrived at Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office Building at Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station.

There was a KFC Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office building store on the first floor of the building. The appearance is a calm image that seems to be a store in an office building.

Something different when entering the shop ... ...

A tablet terminal is installed on the wall!

If you look carefully, also at the table ... ...

A tablet terminal also in the stand seat.

If you look closely, the walls of the stand seat are displayed in large quantities of baseball.

A ball stuck on the wall.

It seems that sign balls are being exhibited.

This is the sign ball of the Yomiuri Giants' active player. As expected, it is the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office building store.

In addition to that, semi-transparent partition on which letters were printed ......

Metal partitions, etc. The inside of the store is a taste of a stylish cafe. "Targeting office workers" concept as "break", you can enjoy the Morning & Lunch & Cafe time zone in a calm shop. "

After 17 o'clock, the display "Please use the touch panel for your order" appears on the tablet terminal.

Touch the touch panel to switch to the menu screen. The dinner menu is a mechanism that you do on a tablet terminal, not a cash register order.

I dismissed the tablet terminal from the wall and watching it ... ...

The picture of the drink is beer. "We can enjoy dinner-only menu with beer", and beer can be ordered at dinner time. As a glass beer, as a glass beer, "Premium Malts (600 yen including tax)", "Premium Malts (Half & Half) (600 yen for tax)", "Premium Malts (black) (600 yen for tax)", Bottle beer (650 yen including tax) "," Mirror (650 yen including tax) "," Coors light (650 yen including tax) "," Brooklyn lager (850 yen including tax) "," Bus pale ale (700 yen including tax) "," Corona extra 700 yen including tax) "," Hugarden · White (850 yen including tax) "is a rich lineup.

The tablet terminal is a terminal that does not look so much and seems to be KFC original.

On the back of the main unit is the word "table terminal".

I actually ordered the dinner menu on the tablet terminal.

Adults Kentucky "Yomiuri Newspaper Tokyo Head Office Building Store" order is on tablet device! - YouTube

Order details and accounting can be confirmed on the tablet terminal.

Adult Kentucky "Yomiuri Newspaper Tokyo Headquarters Building Store" to check the order contents on the tablet - YouTube

It is somewhat strange to order at post office at the fast food store. "Pepsi Cola" (300 yen including tax) ordered from the order at the explosion speed of about 1 minute has been brought to the table. The clerk arranges it, but it seems to arrange it on the desk in order from the end, while considering the cuisine that comes out afterwards and opening up the space widely.

"Fish & Chips" (600 yen including tax) ordered in less than 5 minutes came. Dishes and forks and napkins are also available.

With Heinz's ketchup & mustard ......

KFC special tartar sauce (2 bags) is also a set.

Although cooking has been brought very quickly up to this point, the main dish "Gentle taste chicken soft configuration - Hatsu and sand liquor" ~ (1100 yen including tax) does not appear easily ... .... After about 20 minutes, the dishes waited for finally arrived.

The dishes arranged on the desk are quite luxurious. I will eat it at once.

First of all, five-grain taste chicken soft configuration - from Hatsu and sand liver - from. Five-grain taste chicken soft configuration ~ Hatsu and sand liver accompanying ~ special menu that can be taken away by reservation in advance by 2 days "Kernel dishOne dish inside of. Kernel dishes for take-away need simple cooking, but adults Kentucky will be able to serve dishes in cooked condition.

Chicken meat is "sweating a lot", appetite is piqued just by looking.

Plenty of Yuzu pepper on the surface.

It is sand liver to harden aside ......


Japanese leek.

Soft meat more than imagined if you put a knife into a five-grain flavor chicken. It seems to be cooked in the meat as if it is over in low temperature oil, it is a beautiful pink color.

Oil is dripping on the plate. This slippery feeling does not stop.

When eating with pakuri, the scent of yuzu pepper comes first, but later sweetness of the meat spreads in the mouth. It is an elegant taste that is completely different from the menu fried chicken, it clearly exceeds the level of dishes served at fast food restaurants, and it is not as greasy as it looks, so I was able to do it.

Five grain flavored chicken with boned thigh.

The body to which the fire got through tightly is well removed from the bones, if you put a knife along the bones ......

You can easily cut it.

Then I paked the sand liver. Salt pepper is not so strong, so you can enjoy the original taste of sand liquor.

Because onion is very sweet, it is perfect for reworking after eating five-grain chicken and sand liver.

Then fish & chips.

Fish uses Alaska pollack and the clothing of the surface is crisp.

Since the surface is firm, you need to put a knife securely.

Pakuri. The white body in the chestnut's clothes tasted soft and sweet with Hokuhoku.

When sweet tartar sauce is added, sweetness increases with goon. Compatibility between tartar sauce and white fish is outstanding, it is recommended to put plenty. I can see why two Tartar sauce is prepared.

Chips is the name of French fries in the UK. It is a soft potato that can pierce easily with a fork.

Ketchup goes well with chips.

Complete food. Soft configuration of five grain flavored chicken ~ Hatsu and sand with liver ~ Fish & chips combination was a volume that was difficult for adult men to eat.

The checkout is not a cash register at the table. It is an adult Kentucky filled with "adult" atmosphere anywhere. However, because it is not possible to call a clerk from the tablet, it was a bit inconvenient to go to a cash register to call.

You can enjoy beer "Adult Kentucky" Yomiuri Newspaper Tokyo Headquarters building store can enjoy the dinner menu from 17 o'clock to 22 o'clock. However, please note that it is open only on weekdays. Because it is conveniently located in front of the Otemachi station, it seems to be a perfect shop for tasting a little extravagant dinner on the way home from work and enjoying a variety of beers.

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