Simulation game "Super Planet Crash" that places stars and watches the star system

A simulation game that arranges stars as desired around a fixed star and maintains its own star system so as not to be broken is "Super Planet Crash"is. What the player can do is just "place the stars", and the rest will keep watching the distance between the stars getting closer and the distance going away or the orbits changing.

Super Planet Crash - Can you feel the gravity?

The basic screen looks something like this. Since one star and one planet are arranged from the beginning, it is OK if you arrange the remaining 10 planets as you like. The stars that can be placed vary from earth size to ultra-huge dwarfs, the greater the greater the gravity, the stronger the power on the nearby stars will be. The part that looks like an orange band is a habitable zone, where the life can live, placing a star here enters a bonus.

The aim of the game is to "keep the star system 500 years", the point at which big stars get better is higher. In addition, if two stars collide and crush, and a star gets far from a star to two astronomical units (2.00 AU, the gray ring on the outside), the game is over.

For the time being, I tried placing "Earth" (star of the earth size) safely.

I will place the stars with a good tempo. Looking at this way it seems that the change of the orbit is not nearly ... ...

When noticing, one of the orbits of the star bulged outward, and it crossed over two astronomical unit lines.

The timing of placing stars is free, but somehow it will be a little earlier to earn points. Actual play movie is like this. The number that can be placed is up to 10 (12 stars in total from the beginning), so I will only watch after placing it. Therefore, game speed change is possible.

Try placing the star for the time with "Super Planet Crash" - YouTube

Should it be better to keep as evenly spaced as possible? I tried aligning the stars at nearly equal intervals in the habitable zone.

Still thinking whether it is stable or not, the force of gravity is still big, and in the 8th year in the game time the stars that jump out of the habitable zone came out ... ...

In the 32nd year it will be like this. Maintaining a star system for 500 years is difficult.

In some cases, the stars hit each other. In the following movie, it is seen that the sixth planet sucked by the fourth planet is flicked off, deviated greatly from the orbit, and it fly away to the other two astronomical unit lines.

The sixth planet which is blown off by the fourth planet - YouTube

The placement of big stars is important to earn points, but big stars have a strong influence, so it has a big influence on the star system. In the following movie, you can see how the balance of the star system collapses at the moment the dwarf is placed.

Recognize the power of a dwarf - YouTube

When placing a dwarf in the second half, the influence is too great .... It was the first thing I tried putting it on.

Succeeded to somehow grow the star system.

However, the dwarf power is tremendous, the orbit of the star is distorted for a while ... ...

Game over without 100 years. Because I put a big star long, I earned points, but I'd like to maintain it for some 500 years.

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