Apple found out that the new iPhone 6 is considering raising about 10,000 yen

ByMartin Hajek

Apple is negotiating with the handling carriers of each country to increase the price of the new iPhone by 100 dollars (about 10,000 yen), said International Investment BankJefferiesAnalyst Peter Misek reveals.

Apple (AAPL) Considering Raising iPhone 6 Prices

Analyst Misek said to the iPhone and the smartphone market, "While different smartphones are overflowing in the current smartphone market, it is very difficult to differentiate individual devices. It seems like price increases of the terminal seem reckless, but as most smartphones are suffering from differentiation, the idea of ​​raising the "iPhone" which is clearly different from the Android terminal seems to be feasible It seems to be "analyzed".

The carrier's answer to the initial price increase negotiation seems to be "no". However, the carrier understands that iPhone 6 is the only high-end terminal scheduled to be released this year, and if you do not deal with this terminal, you also know that you will surely lose a large number of users Mr. Misek. That is, analysts at Jefferies seem to think that carriers can hardly resist resistance to price hikes from the Apple side.

ByKārlis Dambrāns

When Mr. Misek and Mr. Mike McCormack, an analyst at Jefferies US Telecom Services, Mr. Jerry Dellis, an analyst at the European branch, Mr. Misek and Mr. Jefferies US Telecom Services analyst at the time of this price increase, According to Mr. Mr. and commented that they will be responsible for most of the burden when the career accepts price increase negotiations, according to them.

On the new iPhoneClearly from internal documents that it is under consideration to enlarge the screenAlthough it is becoming, will the terminal become larger and the price of the terminal will be raised?

ByMartin Hajek

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